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Food processing Industry №3/2017

Results of Food and Processing Industry Enterprises Work in Russia

Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev Spoke at a meeting of the "United Russia" faction on the development of the agro-industrial complex


Eliseeva L. G., Yatcenko N.N.Evaluation of Functional Properties of Fermented Dairy Products of Increased Nutritional Value

P. 12-14 Key words
biological product; inulin, parsnip; turmeric; pancreatic diabetes; glucose content; laboratory mice

Close correlation between the nutrition structure, sickness rate and death-rate from the pancreatic diabetes causes the necessity of searching and development of new specialized products. At the present time there are widespread such dysbolisms in the human organism as pancreatic diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome in the whole world, all this, as a rule, is accompanied by disturbance of the compound in the gut organisms - dysbacteriosis. The main prophylactic and medical factor for this group of the population is an adequate nutrition. By the light form of the ôîðìå pancreatic diabetes and dysbacteriosis there is necessary to pay a special attention to the prophylactic nutrition. The large scientific and practical interest is excited by the research of the natural fructose polymer - inulin contained in the â parsnip and turmeric. In the article there is presented the analysis of the quality indexes of a cultured milk biological product enriched with edible roots and study of the effectiveness of the cultured milk biological products application in the experiment on white mice. The complex influence of the balanced nutrients is defined by the sanitary characteristics of the edible roots under conditions of harmful environmental factors, unbalanced nutrition. The research was conducted on the laboratory group of the white outbread mice. For these aims there were used methods recommended for these purposes which allow to provoke by the laboratory animals the development of the pancreatic diabetes. It is known that the nutrition type exerts an essential influence upon the risk of the rising of the pancreatic diabetes. For the sickness prophylaxis there is recommended to increase in the nutrition ration the specific volume of vegetable and cultured milk products balanced according to the content of vitaminous and mineral complexes and dietary fibers. By the medium severity of the sickness and also by acute forms - the prophylactic nutrition is an obligatory addition to the medication.

Eliseeva Lyudmila Gennadyevna, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics,
36, Stremyanny Per., Moscow, 117997, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Yatsenko Nataliya Nikolaevna, Graduate Student
Rostov Institute (branch of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics),
49, Turgenevskaya St., Rostov-na-Donu, 344002, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ramzanov A. M., Magomedov M. G., Akhmedov M. E., Demirova A. F., Azadova E. F.Innovative Technology of Apricot Puree Production for Baby Food

P. 15-17 Key words
apricots, vitamins, quality, mashed potatoes, sterilization mode technology

To ensure the rational and balanced nutrition, promoting disease prevention and improve the body's resistance, the importance of content in the products of vitamins and other micronutrients. This primarily refers to canned baby food. Research carried out by scientists of the Dagestan State Agricultural University named after M. M. Dzhambulatov, together with employees of the Dagestan State University of National Economy and the Dagestan State Technical University. Purpose - to investigate the possibility of raw materials heat treatment by means of an electromagnetic field of ultrahigh frequency (RF EMF). The negative impact on the preservation of the nutritional value of the raw material for canning mainly has the temperature and cooking time. The essence of the technical solution is to use EMF instead of microwave pretreatment in steam or hot water before wiping environment, as well as heating mashed banks after packing in the microwave EMFs. Using microwave EMF provides shortening of heat treatment more than 20 minutes and even heating throughout the volume of the product cans and provides a sterilizing effect production of quality products satisfying the requirements of industrial sterilization and microbiological safety. Thus far lushe stored biologically active substances.

Ramazanov Abdulgamid Magomedovich, Candidate of Agricultural Science,
Magomedov Magomedmirza Gamzaevich, Doctor of Agricultural Science, Professor
Dagestan State Agricultural University named after M.M. Dzhambulatov,
180, M. Gadzhieva St., Makhachkala, 367009, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Akhmedov Magomed Eminovich, Doctor of Technical Science
Demirova Amiyat Feyzudinovna, Doctor of Technical Science
Dagestan State University of National Economy,
5, Ataeva St., Makhachkala, 367025, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,
Azadova Elmira Farkhadovna
Dagestan State Technical University,
70, Prspekt Imama Shamilya, Makhachkala, 367015, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Myasischeva N. V., Makarkina M. A., Knyazev S. D.Research of Fresh and Frozen Black Currant Berries for Use in Jelly Products Technology

P. 18-21 Key words
biologically active substances; jelly products; freezing; new varieties; black currant

Nowadays, breeding for development new black currant varieties characterizing by improved agronomic and biological traits and chemical composition has significantly been intensified. Black currant berries of new varieties from the breeding program of the All Russian Research Institute of Fruit Crop Breeding are a valuable source of organic acids, sugars, pectin, ascorbic acid and P-active substances. Their use all the year round and introduction into production will allow enlarging the opportunities of processing enterprises for obtaining products with high content of nutritious and biologically active substances. The study of black currant berries has been done on seven varieties: "Azhurnaya", "Arapka", "Iskushenie", "Kreolka", "Ladushka", "Orlovskaya Serenada" and "Ocharovanie". It has been determined that the studied black currant varieties have high quality of berries. The application of low temperatures has positively influenced upon the output of juice during the whole period of studies and is an efficient method of the preliminary treatment of the raw material to improve the juice output. It has been found that black currant berries of the studied varieties are a valuable source of biologically active substances and retain high food value after the influence of low temperatures during nine months of storage. 'Azhurnaya', 'Kreolka', 'Orlovskaya Serenada' are polyvitaminic since they have had high values of ascorbic acid and P-active substances during the whole period of studies. 'Ladushka' has been noted as a desert variety owing to the greatest content of sugars and the least content of acids. 'Ladushka', 'Orlovskaya Serenada' and 'Ocharovanie' are notable for the content of pectin. As a result of the studies of technological and biochemical features of berries of these new black currant varieties it has been determined that the varieties are characterized by a high quality during the whole period of storage and are of interest for using in jelly production.

Myasicsheva Nina Viktorovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev,
29, Naugorskoye Shosse, Orel, 302020, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Makarkina Margarita Alexeevna, Doctor of Technical Science,
Knyazev Sergey Dmitrievich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fruit Crop Selection,
Zhilina, Orlovsky District, Orlovsky Region, 302530, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Shterman S. V., Sidorenko M. Yu., Shterman V. S., Sidorenko Yu. I. Production of Food Products - One of the Promising Directions in the Food Industry. Part 1.

P. 22-24 Key words
health; enriched foods; special types of food; sports nutrition; sports; human

Substantial assistance to athletes, and many ordinary people can bring the use of specially designed sports nutrition products. If for athletes they may act as one of the most important source of the growth of their sporting achievements, then for the people, which are not professionally involved in sport activity, as a means to enhance the overall vitality and success in the daily life struggle. By the development of this area it makes possible to use the most delicate physiological mechanisms of influence on human physical and mental activity and enforce the use of all reserves of his body, while ensuring the preservation of health and active longevity. Large material and intellectual resources are constantly investing in the development and manufactuxing of innovative sports nutrition products. As a result of these efforts, their production has become one of the leading areas of modern food industry. In the article it was analyzed the main characteristics of innovating sports nutrition products/ It was pointed that they have higher biological merits in comparison with traditional food products and possess proven functionality, as they have a confirmed positive influence on the organism. Authors discussed problems of the safety and effectiveness of sports nutrition products, the benefits achieved by their application and the prospects for expanding the variety and enlarging production volumes.

Shterman Sergey Valeryevich, Doctor of technical science,
Sidorenko Michail Ureyvich, Doctor of technical science
Limited liability company "GEON",
142279, Moscow region, Serpuhov district, Obolensk urban village, Obolensk highway, 1, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Shterman Valeriy Solomonovich, Candidate of chemical science,
Sidorenko Uriy Ilich, Doctor of technical science
Moscow state university of food manufacturing;
125080, Moscow, Volokolamskoe highway, 11, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VIII Congress of the National Union of Milk Producers


Senotrusova S. V., Svinukhov V. G., Makarova I.G.The Impact of the Russian Food Embargo on the Importation of Milk and Dairy Products in the Position 0402 TN VED

P. 28-30 Key words
milk; dairy products; volume; value; customs duty; embargoes

The paper presents the assessment of the geographical focus, the volume and value of import into Russia of dairy products HS 0402 (milk and cream, concentrated or containing added sugar or other sweetening matter…) in the context of the embargo. For the evaluation we used the data of foreign trade statistics of the customs service of Russia. In 2013 the import of goods this position in various volumes (kt) was carried out by Finland (1.3 per cent), France (3.1 percent), Poland (2,5?%), Ukraine (2,5?%), Uruguay (2.1 percent), Argentina (4.0 percent) and other countries in small quantities. In 2013, Russia imported 220,1 thousand tons of milk and dairy products this position in the amount of $to the 802.1 million In 2014 delivery for this position has decreased in weight by 12?% - to 194,0 thousand tons, in monetary terms by 18?% ($ 657,3 million). After the embargo has slightly increased the supply of N. Zealand (from $ 10 thousand to $ 3.1 million). In General, all countries have reduced the supply of products. In 2015, imports of milk position 0402 HS decreased relative to 2014 in terms of value by 36?%, in a weight ratio increased by 4.6?% (204,1 thousand tons for a total of $ 419,9 million), as compared to 2013 has decreased in value by 48?%, in a weight ratio decreased by 7?%. The geographical orientation of deliveries has changed. If in 2013, the main suppliers were Finland ($ 11.8 million), Poland ($ 16.6 million), France ($ 28.9 million), Belarus ($ 617,2 million) in 2015, the major suppliers were Belarus (until 194,8 thousand tons for a total of $ 399,6 million). Thus contrary to popular belief the Russian food embargo has not had a significant impact on the volume of import of milk and of dairy products 0402 HS.

Senotrusova Svetlana Valentinovna, Doctor of Biological Science, Professor
Lomonosov Moscow State University,
27, bldg. 4, Lomonosovsky Prospekt, Moscow, 119991, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Svinukhov Vladimir Gennadyevich, Doctor of Geographical Science, Professor,
Makarova Irina Gennadyevna
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics,
36, Stremyanny Pereulok, Moscow, 117997, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sultanovich Yu. A., Dukhu T. A.Influence of Fatty Products Features on the Quality and Shelf Life of Confectionery and Bakery Products

P. 32-34 Key words
high oleic sunflower oil; long shelf life; fatty acid composition; liquid oil migration; flour confectionery products; oxidative stability; solid triglycerides; emulsifier

The globalization of food retailing systems requires increased attention to increasing their shelf life to expand the geography of logistics, thereby contributing to increased production and sales. One of the main ingredients of most food products are fats. The important structural and functional importance of lipids in the body makes them essential components of food that must be present in diets in certain amounts and ratios. Given the physiological significance and the essentiality of individual lipids in the provision of healthy nutrition, great importance is their qualitative composition and chemical nature. Specialists of the Holding "Solar Products" conduct research to develop and market a new product - a complex food additive "Paste" Biscuit", which includes a specially selected complex of emulsifiers in hydrated form and water-retaining agents. When choosing fats, it is important to take into account their physiological importance in providing a healthy diet and must meet the following requirements: the absence of trans-isomers of fatty acids; Low content of saturated fatty acids; high oxidation stability. High oleic oil meets these requirements, but there are also technological difficulties in using liquid oils in flour confectionery products (oil migration, influence on the test structure, expiration dates, etc.). Oxidative stability of the oil obtained from high-oleic sunflower varieties is four times higher than the traditional one. In contrast to the bakery industry, the use of liquid oils in the confectionery industry is not very common practice, since fats are the main structure-forming agents in most fat-containing confectionery products. In the holding's application center, studies have also been conducted on the use of PTO in biscuits, where the fat content is even greater than in sugar biscuits (more than 30?%) and the properties of fat are more pronounced in the final product. The conducted researches and the received data confirm the possibility of creating fatty products for baking with a low content of saturated fatty acids, without transisomers, based on high-oleic sunflower oil, providing long shelf life, with optimal migration of liquid oil.

Sultanovich Yuriy Avramovich, Doctor of Chemical Science, Professor,
Dukhu Tamara Aslanbechevna, Candidate of Technical Science,
Holding "Solar Products",
3, 1st Grayvoronovsky Proezd, Moscow, 109518


Stable Micro Systems Shares Information on New Testing Methods for Packaging for Food and Beverages

Dementyeva N. V., Bogdanov V. D. Functional and Technological Properties of Pacific Herring Roe

P. 36-39 Key words
freezing; caviar; salting; Pacific herring; functional and technological properties

One of the area of caviar processing of raw materials is the production of pasty products: pates, spreads, pastes, sauces, creams and oils. However, the successful development of such products using caviar raw materials is only possible by conducting regular analysis of food values, the study of structuring and emulsifying properties, which are currently not sufficiently studied. The research was carried out on the basis of the Far Eastern Technical Fisheries University. The functional and technological properties of: water-binding (VSS), water-holding (MAS), emulsifying capacity (EC), etc are investigated. It was established experimentally that the stability of emulsion systems of Pacific herring caviar, affects the degree of pre-processing of raw materials. Emulsion with fresh caviar has high functional and technological properties. Fresh caviar is characterized by a high rate of VSS, which is 76,90?%. In the process of cold storage there is a decrease in the VSS: within weeks, the decline is (70,17?%), by the end of three months storage VSS is reduced to 51.82?%. Studies have shown that herring caviar has a high emulsifying capacity (100?%), which is not changed during cold storage. The use of frozen Pacific herring caviar as the emulsion allows to obtain systems with a high emulsifying ability, i. e., the freezing does not reduce their capacity to hold water and fat phases in the system. However, the stability of emulsion systems using frozen Pacific herring caviar lower than fresh. In addition, longer-term cold storage of caviar, the lower the stability of emulsion systems prepared with its use. Caviar salting with the salt content 3 to 5?% leads to a slight decrease in the functional and technological properties of raw materials and emulsion systems based on it, but these indicators remain at a reasonable level. Thus, studies have shown the promising use of Pacific herring caviar in the technology of emulsified products, both as a structurant, and a highly valuable food component.

Dementyeva Natalya Valeryevna, Candidate of Technical Science, Docent,
Bogdanov Valeriy Dmitrievich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor,
Far Eastern Technical Fisheries University,
52-b, Lugovaya St., Vladivostok, 690600, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Belyaeva M. A.Optimization of Technological Regulations and Hardware Design of the Process of Freezing Fruit (on the example of strawberries)

P. 40-43 Key words
freezing; fluidization; structural and parametric modeling; assembly line; refrigeration chamber

The article describes methods of freezing fruits for example strawberries, frozen fruits role in human nutrition and their application, significance and rationale of research work, describe the operation and equipment of the technological line for freezing of fruits and berries, are also described and methods of fluidizing polyploidization freeze, presents an analysis of different methods of freezing. Reflects the results of the experiments, designed the structural-parametric model of the process and the analysis of the results to identify the optimal regulation of the process of freezing strawberries, on the basis of mathematical model of the proposed hardware design process. Technology calculations and mathematical treatment of the plan of experiment, computer system structure-parametric modeling, which can be used to predict the relationship between the parameters and the desired state of ready frozen product, structurally-parametrical model allows to establish the prognosis and diagnosis of the links between factors, identifying the most key and the maximum or minimum extent, affect the target function or desired result. Theoretical data from the literature, mathematically processed in a computer system and the adequacy of the model were confirmed experimentally. For design calculation of process parameters of freezing process was carried out selection of elements of the refrigerating chamber and the conveyor for the process of freezing, for this purpose, used the computer system developed by German scientists. Modernization of the freezing apparatus was used instead of a belt conveyor industrial perforated plate. The cost of maintenance and operation of conveyor belts for freezing are much higher than for production of plates. The use of these plates leads to increasing productivity and improving the quality of frozen product. Was carried out the selection of structural elements on different figures that gave the ability to create optimal design solutions for the technical parameters of the hardware design process of freezing the fruit ( for example strawberries). The research was carried out at the Russian Economic University. G.V. Plekhanov. Optimization of process procedures of freezing and hardware design are practical and can be implemented in production for serial production to obtain high-quality frozen fruits.

Belyaeva Marina Alexandrovna, Doctor of Engineering, professor of Technical and Economic Systems chair,
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics,
36, Stremyanny Per., Moscow, 117997,

Begunov A. A.To the Question of the Measurements Unity in Analytics. Part 2. Values and Units

P. 44-48 Key words
analytics; unit quantities; measurements unity; concentration; property; composition; physical quantities

In the scientific literature and regulatory documentation for the food industry, SI requirements are often not observed, which is a serious obstacle to the introduction of the principles of measurement uniformity in analytics. The article analyzes the used values and units and errors and suggests a methodology for their alignment with SI rules. It is shown that, starting from the author's understanding of the measured property in the analyst, all the characteristics of the composition from the general physical and metrological positions should be recognized as different ways of expressing one measured property - "chemical", and the analyst should be considered a kind of measurement, for which the basis for the unified name of the physical quantity And one of its units. Based on the empirical and logical substantiation and unity of the essence and principles of measurements, answers are offered to a number of questions, it is shown that the composition characteristics are independent physical quantities and what measured properties they express, and also by what physical quantities (or value) and units (unit) to express the composition at the reference level. For gaseous systems under conditions when the standard reproduces one unit, which is then recalculated to other units, it is necessary to take into account the laws of the real gases behavior. Taking this into account, the equations of coupling of the characteristics.

Begunov Alexandr Andreevich, Doctor of Technical Science, Professor
Research Institute of Fats,
10, Chernyakhovskogo St., St. Petersburg, 191119, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Presnyakova O.P. Awarding of Industry Laureates with the Highest Public Awards "For the abundance and prosperity of Russia"

Burdun N.I. Legal aspects of increasing the profitability of agricultural production