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Journal Themes of Publishing House «Food Industry» for 2014

Journal Themes of «Food Industry» for 2014*

№1    Packaging and Logistics in the Food Industry
№2    Products for Optimal Nutrition
№3    Raw Materials and Additives for the Production of High-Quality Products
№4    New Ideas in Food Production
№5    Products Safety - from Field to the Counter
№6    Innovative Solutions for Packaging and Logistics
№7    Environmental Protection
№8    Recycling Plant Raw Materials
№9    Healthy Nutrition - the Base of the Nation's Health
№10    Modern Equipment for Food Production
№11    Innovative Solutions of Industry Technical Equipping
№12    New Technologies in Training of Specialists
* May be small changes in the topic title.

Journal Themes of «Baking in Russia» for 2014

№1    Progressive Technologies and Equipment
№2    Flour Confectionery Products of XXI Century
№3    Raw Materials and Additives
№4    Quality Control and Safety
№5    Modern Equipment and Technologies in Baking
№6    Bread for Health

Journal Themes of «Confectionary Manufacture» for 2014

№1    All about Confectionery Products
№2    Ingredients. The Right Choice
№3    Most Importantly - the Quality and Safety of Products
№4    In the Spotlight - Chocolate Goods
№5    Innovative Solutions. The Choice is Clear
№6    In Focus - Healthy Foods

Journal Themes of «Beer and Beverages» for 2014

№1    Innovative Raw Materials - the Base of Quality Drinks
№2    Functional Drinks for Optimal Nutrition
№3    Modern Technologies for Brewing
№4    Ingredients for the Production of Beer and Beverages
№5    Technological Innovations in the Industry
№6    Packaging Solutions for the Beer and Beverages Production

Journal Themes of «Fat and Oil Processing Industry» for 2014

№1    Equipment and Materials for Packaging Fat and Oil Products
№2    Vegetable Oils - the Use of Dairy Industry
№3    Innovations in Packaging Industry
№4    Modern Types of Fat and Oil Products
№5    Modernization of Equipment for Fat and Oil Industry
№6    Fats and Fatty Acids in Baby Nutrition

Journal Themes of «Winemaking and Viticulture» for 2014

№1    New Technologies. New Package for Wine
№2    Cognac Production, New Technologies
№3    Wine Bottling into New Types of Packaging
№4    New Technologies of Wines Manufacturing
№5    Status and Prospects of Winemaking in Russia
№6    Glass Containers for Wine. Winemakers Achievements of Krasnodar Krai

Journal Themes of «Food Ingredients: Raw Materials & Additives» for 2014

№1    Ingredients for a Healthy Nutrition: Scientific and Technological Solutions
№2    Aspects of the Ingredients Use in the Food Industries