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Confectionary manufacture №1/2017


Novitskaya E.G., Parfyonova T.V.Production of Whipped Pumpkin Candies

P. 6-10 Keyword: competitiveness, whey, evaluation of the quality of sweets, whipped filling candy, pumpkin puree.
Abstract: Traditionally, whipped filling candy product was prepared by striking sugar-treacle syrup containing gelling agents, a foaming agent (egg white) and mixing knocked weight with flavorings and flavoring substances. One of the ways of expanding the range of aerated chocolates is the use of non-traditional fruit and vegetable raw materials. The aim of this work was the creation of whipped candy with pumpkin puree and serum. Pumpkin puree according to the goal, was used instead of syrup. To enrich and whipped candy as acidity regulator formulation administered serum (instead of citric acid). The works carried out in the Far Eastern Federal University. To establish the agar concentration in the system, a series of simulation experiments. The recipe whipped candy injected different concentrations of agar and determined the density of the finished weight. The concentration of agar 3.6 g to 1000 g of the product is the most appropriate for this whipped mass with a density of 0.739 g/cm3 chocolates structure was homogeneous microporous lush and gentle, good cutting. The formation of the quality parameters affect, a certain number of pumpkin puree. When adding pumpkin puree significantly decreased total sugar concentration of 12.6 %, so the final product decreased caloric content. It was found that the most suitable concentration of pumpkin puree into whipped mass was 0,200 kg per 1 kg. Were made whipped filling candy, the quality of which was determined by the organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological parameters. Ash sweets increased (by 0.3 %), due to the introduction of serum and pumpkins. Bulk protein fraction in chocolates increased (3.6 %) relative to the control sample (3.1 %) in the formulation by introducing whey. Use whipped candy pumpkin puree helped enrich the finished product -carotene, which is completely absent in the control sample whipped sweets. It reduces the density of whipped candy with the addition of pumpkin puree (0.166 g/cm3), as compared with a control sample. Introduction to the recipe pumpkin puree and whey allowed to create whipped candy, organoleptic and physico-chemical characteristics are not inferior counterparts, and were enrichedbeta-carotene, minerals and dietary fiber.
Authors: Novitskaya Elena Gennadyevna, Candidate of Technical Science
Parfyonova Tamara Vasilyevna, Candidate of Technical Science
Far Eastern Federal University,
8, Sukhanova St., Vladivostok, 690950, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zavorokhina N.V.Complex Spice Blend for the Production of Adobe and Custard Gingerbreads

P. 11-14 Keyword: tasting analysis, handle, spices, vegetable powder, adobe and custard gingerbreads.
Abstract: When selecting an additive enriching natural to consider its content of functional ingredients, functional and organoleptic properties of the resulting product. To best meet the needs of Russian flour confectionery products need to expand their product range and to create scientifically sound, balanced main food nutrient composition of the formulation of products of a functional purpose, using unconventional natural raw materials. The purpose of research - to develop formulations of complex spice mixtures containing powders of cranberries and apples, for the production of adobe and custard gingerbreads. Studies conducted in the Ural State Economic University (Ekaterinburg). We used the standard methods for determining the physico-chemical parameters of quality of manufactured complex spice blends and gingerbreads. On the basis of the principles of descriptive and tasting analysis profile method chosen recipe spice mixtures of three kinds. Given results of vegetable powder preparation technology, including collection, a combi oven drying at 65 ... 70 ° C and grinding. Vegetable powders used as a component of a complex spicy mixture. The results of the introduction of a complex spicy mixture of the adobe and custard gingerbreads in the amount of 1.8 g per 1 kg of the test data and physico-chemical quality indicators research. The author suggests the panel handles custard gingerbread and flavored profile model samples containing complex mixtures, given regulated indicators of complex spice mixtures "Spicy Apple" and "Spicy Cranberry". It is concluded that the introduction of complex spice mixtures improves the rheological parameters of the test in terms of "stickiness", it is better to form; and increase the shelf life of carrots by 1 day without changing the organoleptic characteristics.
Authors: Zavorokhina Nataliya Valeryevna, Doctor of Technical Science
Ural State University of Economics,
62/45, 8th Marta St./Narodnoy Voli, Ekaterinburg, 620144, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skobelskaya Z.G., Ryazantseva V.A.Modern Approach to Assessing the Quality of the Commodity Batches of Cocoa Beans

P. 15-17 Keyword: batches of marketable cocoa bean, quality, complex indicators: index, non systemic, correlation
Abstract: Presently the cocoa beans quality is being rated by individual separated indexes. This is a very complex procedure, it is hard to compare different batches to each other. The main goal of research is to optimize the quality rating process of batches of cocoa beans using russian device called Sim-Reader. Researches took place at the Moscow State University of Food Production at the department of "High-Tech Food Production". The main subjects of researches are the batches of cocoa beans. The quality of cocoa beans was determined by using next methods: complex indicators - by quality index; fat content on a dry weight basis - refractometric method with primary processing of sample of grinded core using monobromonaphthalene; mass fraction of moisture - using accelerated drying method; mass fraction of cocoavella - by the difference of samples' weights. In our research we present mathematical dependence between two indicators: quality index and non systemic, derived coefficients of importance of cocoa beans defects, plotted diagram that shows dependence of quality index from non systemic. The suggested method of complex quality rating of batches by index allows to rate batches by only a single number. Its much more easy to compare numbers. This is the main advantage of quality rating. However this method remains too laborious. Quality rating of batches of cocoa beans using "non systemic" as indication considering the degree of coherence of cocoa beans batches quality is fulfilled with russian device Sim-Reader. This method is quite simple, the analysis takes less than 50 minutes. It can be used for efficient quality rating of batches of cocoa beans, in example, as argumentation for price while purchasing.
Authors: Skobelskaya Zinaida Grigoryevna, Doctor of Technical Science
Ryazantseva Vera Alexandrovna,Student
Moscow State University of Food Production,
11, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tkeshelashvili M.E., Kosheleva N.P., Bobozhonova G.A.Influence of Food Ingredients on the Quality of the Iris

P. 18-19 Keyword: antioxidant, toffee, sorbitol, shelf life, emulsifier
Abstract: Establishing of the possibility of providing high quality, prolong shelf life and reduce the cost of confectionery products is an urgent task. The purpose of this work is the development of the properties of the formula toffee components with filling, helps to increase the shelf life. The work is performed at the Scientific research institute of "Applied research of innovative technologies and food quality" of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. Applied methods and techniques of research are the traditional ones, which are used at laboratories confectioneries. In the production conditions were prepared samples with toffee filling, entering into the composition of the body products antioxidant "Novasol" for the purpose of deceleration the process of fat oxidation; emulsifier "GMS 90" for ensure the optimal technological properties of mass and reduce the cost of the product; sorbitol to reduce the viscosity of the toffee mass and water activity in the product. The control sample is served, made a formula with filling of the toffee, approved in the enterprise. Objects were researched for 9 months and an additional 2 months in accordance with SanPiN. The organoleptic and physicochemical parameters were analyzed periodically. It determines the mass fraction of moisture, reducing substances, peroxide value, water activity, taste and smell, consistency. The analysis showed that the organoleptic and physicochemical characteristics of samples of the toffee with "Novasol" met the requirements of normative documents during to 11 months of storage. Replacing existing emulsifier formula on "GMS 90" has allowed to achieve a significant reduction the cost of the product, while the technological properties during the production of semi-finished optimal. Introduction sorbitol in the toffee body did not give additional benefits for reducing water activity in the product. However, during of the technological process observed reduce in the viscosity of the toffee mass. As a result of the investigate developed and validated toffee properties with filling, ensuring the preservation of its quality over 9 months and an additional 2 months in accordance with SanPiN and a significant reduction in its cost.
Authors: Tkeshelashvily Manana Emelyanovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Kosheleva Nelly Petrovna, Researcher
Bobozhonova Galina Alexandrovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics,
36, Stremyanny Pereulok, Moscow, 117997, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ingredient of the Year 2016


Anisimov B.N. Market Self-Supporting Management Model – Sensation to Solve Economic and Social Problems


Bogatyryova T.G., Belyavskaya I.G., Valueva K.N.Enzymatic Hydrolysates Germinated Grains of Wheat and Buckwheat to Improve the Nutritional Value of Yeast Cake

P. 26-29 Keyword: yeast cake, green buckwheat beans, enzymatic hydrolyzate of germinated Grains.
Abstract: Traditionally, the cupcakes produce, using yeast or chemical leavening agents and adding dried fruits, nuts, and a variety of fruit fillings jams. High sugar content (mass fraction greater than 20%) and fat (mass fraction greater than 10%) in the formulation of the cake, as well as the availability of wheat flour does not allow to carry their products to a healthy diet. To adjust the nutritional value justified the use of sprouted grains green buckwheat and wheat. The purpose of research - development of production technology yeast cakes with grain sourdough based on sprouted grain green buckwheat and wheat. Work performed at the Moscow State University of Food Production. The scheme of producing grain ferments comprising four stages: steeping and germinationof green buckwheat and wheat grains; their refinement; enzymatic hydrolysis of crushed mass sprouted green buckwheat and wheat grains; enzymatic hydrolyzate fermentation mixture of homofermentative and heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria and lactic ferment "Brest-Litovsk." It created the technology of preparation of yeast cake on grain ferments. The finished product was evaluated by the organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters. By the nature of profilograms including numerical score organoleptic properties, maximum points received sample with a grain sourdough based on sprouted green buckwheat grain. The effect of test duration of fermentation and proofing dough porosity yeast cakes with grain sourdough based on buckwheat green sprouts. The optimal technological parameters of preparation of yeast cakes with grain sourdough based on green buckwheat sprouts. The calculation of the chemical composition and energy value of yeast cakes. The developed technology makes it possible not only to preserve the organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters of these products, but also to improve some technological characteristics, along with an increase in the content of macro- and microelements and lowering the energy value of the finished product.
Authors: Bogatyruova Tatyana Glebovna, Doctor of Technical Science
Belyavskaya Irina Georgievna, Candidate of Technical Science
Valueva Kristina Nikolaevna, Master
Moscow State University of Food Production,
11, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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