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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №5/2008

Results of work of enterprises of food processing industry in Russia

Safety of production and finished foodstuffs

We are responsible for food safety!

Hurshudyan S.A. Markers matrix – the basis for identification of natural products

Shishkin I.F., Tsybikova G.T., Hamhanova D.N. Preparation and certification of experts (verifiers)

Nino V.P., Gryaznov A.Yu., Potrahov E.N., Potrahov N.N. Roentgenological installation for express-control

Baydicheva O.V., Hripushin V.V., Rudakova L.V., Rudakov O.B. Colorimetric – a new method of control of foodstuff quality

Nikonov F.B. Electronic device for meat quality control

Korenman Ya.I., Melnikova E.I., Niftaliev S.I., Rudnichenko E.S., Shirunov M.O., Gribanov Yu.S. Multitouch system for definition of milk quality

Davidov E.R., Kovalsky Yu.V., Akopyan V.B. Realization of modern biotechnological preparations without experimental base – impossible!

Genel H.P., Galkin M.L. Complex component for freshness preservation and increase of storage periods of foodstuff

Shalova L.M., Gelgor V.I. Information for consumers: corrections are necessary

Modern requirements to difficult engineering services

Economics and management

Totikov E.B. New program of financing small and medium business of bank «Soyuz»

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – the best program for «Karat»

Romanova T.V., Ubkova I.A., Berendyaeva L.A., Shevchenko V.V. Marketing researches of fish meal culinary products market

Engineering and technology

Universal rotation oven «Musson-rotor» model 250 Super

Lexium PAC: automatization technology and movement management

Mandrea A.G. Manufacture of corn gluten with use of disk decanter produced by company «Westphalia Separator»

KEHUA – a new leader in manufacture of modern automatic wafer lines

Raw materials and additives

Mazalova L.M. New group of substitutes of cocoa oil of laurel type on the Russian market

Makarov V.N., Vlazneva L.N., Mironov A.M., Cherenkova T.A. Pectincontaining and vitaminized sauces on the basis of natural fruit-and-growing raw materials

Fruit fillings produced by «AGRANA Fruit»

Packaging and logistics

Legonkova O.A. Biotechnology of biopolymers receiption for food industry: polyhydrocsialcanoats

Nutrition and health

Kukharenko A.A., Bogatyrev A.N., Korotky V.M., Dadashev M.N. Scientific principles of foodstuffs enriching by means of micronutrients

Dobrovolsky V.F. Perspectives of nutrition supply of space expeditions

News from companies

News from professional industrial branch unions

News from R&D institutes and higher educational institutions

Events and facts

The world of ice-cream and ice

Innovation and investment salon

The international fora in «Crocus-Expo»

Moscow State University of Technology and Management – open day

Biotechnology world

Spring exhibitions in Sochi

Tenth anniversary of «Prazdnik hleba» company

Company «EFKO»: results and prospects

«McDonalds» in Russia: results and plans

Vienna coffee place in Moscow

Horizons of away-day nutrition

Important agreement has been concluded

Society, innovations, enterprise (multifold approaches)