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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №3/2008

Kayshev B.G. Results of work of food and processing industry in 2007, problems, prospects

Milk and meat processing

Sizenko E.I., Gudkov S.A., Serebryakova T.G. Main problems and directions of scientific researches in diary industry

Hramtsov A.G. Lactose and its derivatives

Tsend-Ayuush Ch. Features of chemical and amino acids structure of milk of the Mongolian cattle

Topnikova E.V. The stabilizers of structure for butter products

Accelerator DELVOTEST – innovative decision of company DSM

Petrov A.N., Galstyan A.G. Manufacture of condensed dairy products with sugar

Ponomarev A.N. Perfection of drinking yoghurt technology

Reshetnik E.L., Ermolaeva A.V. Modernization of the process equipment for reception of the dry combined products

Zaharova L.M., Mazeeva I.A., Pumshina I.N. Sour-milk protein products with oat flakes

Kuliev N.Sh., Salomov B.H., Ashurova M.Z., Ganieva N. Ice-cream with fruit and vegetable stabilizers

Polyanskiy K.K., Kotov V.V., Gasanovа E.S., Pono-marev A.N., Sheremetova S.G. Usage of American artichoke in dairy products

Frolov G.A., Galstyan A.G., Petrov A.N. Systems of water-preparation in manufacture of the restored dairy products

Ustinova A.V., Dydykin A.S. Ecological meat raw material and national standards

The first manufacture of Campbell company will be opened in Russia

Krylova V.B. Canned goods in new consumer packaging

«Ledovo» becomes a distributor of ravioli

Imamovich D. Technology of company «Food stuffs» for meat processing

Ustinova A.V., Lazutin D.A. Ostrich meat in food stuffs

Arakelova N.T., Marchenkov F.S. Modern biodefence in food processing industry

Engineering and technology

Bondar M.F. Components of exact division of dough

Kovalskiy Yu.V., Akopyan V.B., Davidov E.P. Problem decision at processing and perfection of biotechnological processes and their elements

Rotary pump OptiLobe

Quality and safety

Selina R.V. Practice of introduction of biocontrol system

Mishiev P.Ya. Usage of process approach at quality management

Packaging and logistics

Hohlyavin S.A. Production marking prepared with use of nanotechnologies

Spitsin A. Packaging device management? Explore all categories from A to E

Tea production in innovative packaging

Raw materials and additives

Vekua D. Journey to world of Taste and Aroma

National Starch Food Innovation – under the banner of stable development

News from companies

News from professional industrial branch unions

News from R&D institutes and higher educational institutions

Events and facts

He could have reached 70

The Second Russian Economic forum

Joint session of International Agrobusinessclub and Tutorial committee of the International industrial academy

Green week-2008

«Unilever» buys «Inmarko» company