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Baking in Russia №2/2016


Kosovan A. P., Chubenko N. T. Evolution of the Baking Industry - Science and Production


Kosovan A. P., Shaposhnikov I. I.Administrative Innovations as a Tool to Improve the Bakeries Competitiveness

P. 8-10 Keyword: busyness model, foreign experiens, compretitive strategies, management innovation, bread industry
Abstract: The article covers the problem of management innovations adoption and its role in bread companies development and competitiveness improvement that at now has not enough reflection in domestic bread industry theory and practice and contents results of fast developing bread foreignfirms experience research.The research implemented by Bread Industry Research Institute (Moscow) has a goal to ascertain role of innovations in attainment of success by companies and main directions of organizationactivity to create adequate management system. On base of domestic and foreign sources analyses authors defined the content of notion "management innovation" and classified two main directions of successful bread companiesdevelopment in accordance with adopted basic strategies, product and technologic innovations.Ascertained main characteristics of management practices adopted by successful companies including communication with environment, assortment improvement and using of progressive business models - outsourcing, hybrid, multy-side platforms and updated communications tools. Determined assortment, marketing and logistics policies improvement directions and provided main types of in-house competitive strategies. The authors concluded that management innovations are a key point for successful competition in bread market and its wider adopting by Russian bread busyness should be very valuable.
Authors: Kosovan Anatoly Pavlovich, Academician of RAS, Doctor of Economical Science
Shaposhnikov Igor Iosifovich, Candidate of Economical Science
Research Institute of Baking Industry,
26A, Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya St., Moscow, 107553, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Chaldaev P. A., Roganova E. E.Bakery Production Technology, Containing Powder from Apple Pomace

P. 12-14 Keyword: wheat flour, rye flour, bakery products, central composite planning, apple pomace
Abstract: One way ofdisposingof applepomaceis their usein breadbaking. The purpose of the study, held in Samara State Technical University, - development recipe and preparation technology of bakery products increased nutritional value with the addition of the powder from apple pomace. In work used powder from the apple pomace received by production of juice of a direct extraction from the grade apples "Kuibyshevskoe" which are grown up in the Samara region. Influence of powder from a pomace on baking properties of wheat flour is studied. The dosage of the powder was 5, 10 and 15?%. Decrease in indicators of a whiteness on45,2-83,6?%, mass fraction of the washed glutenon 2,8-24,9?%, strengtheningof a gluten on 18,8-47,8?%, increase in acidityon 39-90,2?% and falling numberon 29,2-66,5?% is observed. Adding apple pomace in the recipe of bakery products from wheat flour leads to sharp decrease in indicators of specific volume on 15,6-28,6?%, porosity of a crumbon6,4-20,5?%, deterioration of organoleptic indicators of quality of products (bread develops a taste and a smell of apples, and a crumb - grayish-brown color not peculiar to wheaten products with impregnations of particles of powder).The conclusion is drawn on expediency of use of an apple pomace in recipe of bakery products from mix of rye and wheat flour. Knead the dough and baking rye-wheat bakery products was performed in a mini-bakery. Preparation of dough carried out on the accelerated technology with use of the liquid concentrated leaven "BAZ" (Backaldrin, Austria).During researches is established expediency of preliminary hydration of powder from an apple pomace by hot water with the temperature of 60-70 °C. Optimization recipe of rye-wheat bread with the addition of apple pomace powder was carried out by the method of the central composite planning. The equations of response surfaces, adequately describe the impact on the quality of bakery products dosages of powder from apple pomace and liquid leaven BAZ, are received. Analysis of response surfaces ensure optimum dosages of powder from apple pomace (10?%) and liquid leaven BAZ (2?%).The developed bakery products with addition of an apple pomace completely conform to requirements of the standard for physical and chemical indicators of quality, have high organoleptic properties.
Authors: Chaldaev Pavel Alexandrovich, Candidate of Technical Science
Roganova Ekaterina Evgenyevna, Student
Samara State Technical University,
244, Molodogvardeyskaya St., Samara, 443100, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tsyganova T. B., Smirnov S. O., Semyonkina N. G.Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points in Quality Management and Product Safety

P. 15-18 Keyword: risk analysis; contaminants; critical control points; microbiological; chemical and physical hazards; quality management system
Abstract: The paper deals with risk analysis and critical control points based on the basic principles of HACCP - currently used to ensure the quality and safety of food produced. As part of a management system of food safety need to identify the critical control points to control the most dangerous factors. Particular attention is paid to the identification of critical control points (CCP), the control parameters which can be prevented by the risks associated with the emergence of low-quality products. Risk analysis is to estimate the probability of occurrence and severity of its effects. The analysis was performed on the three types of hazards: microbiological, chemical, physical. It should take into account all contaminants that can get into the finished products from raw materials, water, air, packaging materials, equipment, supplies, and so on. It is necessary to take into account the dangers that may arise from the transformation of components of raw materials to the final product, as well as danger during storage and transportation to retailers.
Authors: Tsyganova Tatyana Borisovna, Doctor of Technical Science
Smirnov Stanislav Olegovich, Candidates of Technical Science
Semyonkina Natalya Gennadyevna, Research Institute of Baking Industry,
26A, Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya St., Moscow, 107553, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Rakhmanov K. S., Isabaev I. B.Methods for Improving the Composition of the Culture Medium of Starter Cultures for Bakery Products from Wheat Flour

P. 22-24 Keyword: leaven spontaneous fermentation, a composite mixture, whey, wheat flour-quality, mealy products, culture medium, chemical composition
Abstract: Traditionally, to adjust the baking properties of the primary and secondary raw materials, improve the consumer the advantages and prevent microbial infection in baking production using biological improvers - leavenы. Purpose - to determine the possibility of the use of poly-starter cultures of strains spontaneous fermentation as natural dietary supplements, characterized by a lack of availability and the need to purchase "clean" crop of breeding cycle. Studies conducted in Bukhara Engineering Technology Institute of High Technologies. Described the results of studies on the optimization of the culture medium of strains of poly-spontaneous fermentation starter cultures, in particular pea-dittany used in baked goods production technology of wheat varieties. It was found that because of the instability of technological parameters spontaneously soured ferments at a dilution and storage, it is necessary to develop technological solutions to improve and stabilize the biotechnological properties of starter cultures of this type and their use for the partial replacement of prescription quantity of yeast, adjusting the baking properties of wheat flour and graded, improved food value of bread, prolong its freshness, prevention of disease of potato and moldy during storage. Data analysis specialized sources suggest the possibility of using as an alternative substitute of the prescription amount of flour wheat flour of barley, oats and wheat embryo from the product. The calculation method is determined the content of basic nutrients in mixtures and their analysis in comparison with the chemical composition of wheat flour in Class II. As a result of studying the effect of technological factors (composition of the nutrient substrate, humidity, temperature and duration of culture) on the properties of the leaven it found that the most suitable for the preparation of nutrient substrate mixture from flour of oat and wheat second grade in the ratio 1:1, and it is advisable to 20?% flour wheat flour varietal replace embryonic product. To improve the microbiological purity of the spontaneous fermentation of starters recommended prescription to 50?% of water to replace whey. The optimal moisture content for the most intensive breeding and growth of bacteria and yeast - 70-75?%. In more dense leaven (65-68?% humidity), the yeast cells are almost absent. The optimum temperature for breeding ferments 30…35 ° C.
Authors: Rakhmonov Kakhramon Sanokulovich, Assistant
Isabaev Ismail Babadzhanovich, Doctor of Technical Science
Bukhara Engineering Technology Institute of High Technologies,
15, K. Murtazaeva St., Bukhara, Uzbekistan, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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