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Baking in Russia №1/2016


Chubenko N.T. XII Congress of the Russian Bakers Union

Bulanova T.D. Awarded the Best

Domestic Market - the Best Russian Products!

Chubenko N.T. The Taste and Aroma of Bread - an Important Factor in the Impact of its Consumption


Kosovan A.P., Chubenko N.T. Evolution of the Baking Industry - Science and Production


Safronova T.N., Evtukhova O.M., Fedotova I.Y.Technology of Bakery Products Production, Including Processed Artichoke and Chokeberry Products, with Low Yeast Content

P. 16-17 Keyword: the Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.), unleavened bread, puree, Aronia melanocarpa nutritional value
Abstract: The work is devoted to scientific and practical justification for the use of products of processing of Jerusalem artichoke as an additive to food products to increase their nutritional value. The Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus L.) is a valuable raw material for food industry and public catering. The Jerusalem artichoke has high protein content (9?%) and a large number of natural insulin (80?%), which is easily digested, contains large amounts of fiber (5?%), pectin (5?%), rich in essential amino acids and trace elements. Especially high in its content of silicon, potassium, vitamins B1, B2 and B6. The aim of this work was the development of the technology of bakery products with reduced levels of yeast and the use of the product of the processing of Jerusalem artichoke and chokeberry puree "Topirybina". The objectives of the study were development of manufacturing technology of a new kind of bakery products using convection steam equipment; evaluation of nutritive value of a new kind of bakery products; determination of terms and conditions store bun "Topirybina". As objects of study identifies the sponge dough yeast with a low amount of yeast using puree "Topirybina". The dough has the following characteristics: solids content - 38.4?%, acidity is 2.8 deg.; prescription composition: the content of puree - 20?%; the content of the yeast is reduced by 30?% compared with the control sample according to the recipe number 169 of Collection of recipes for cakes, pastries, muffins, buns, biscuits, cakes, honey cakes and pastry bakery products (2000). The result of the performed work was the development of the formulation and the technology of production of bakery products - bun "Topirybina". Add puree "Topirybina" in the dough increased the mineral content of 33?%, the safety of the masses increased by 5?%, and decreased energy value by 8.4?%. It was revealed that microbiological indicators buns "Topirybina" meet the requirements of SanPiN throughout the storage period. Considering the safety factor of 1.2 is defined shelf life of 20 hours, which is more normalized retention for 4 hours. Calculation of economic efficiency from introduction of the technology and of the formulation showed that the economic effect of using yeast dough using puree "Topirybina" was 2700 rubles per 1000 kg of the test, relative to the control sample.
Authors: Safronova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Candidate of Technical Science
Evtukhova Olga Mikhaylovna, Candidate of Biological Science
Fedotova Irina Yuryevna, Master
Siberian Federal University,
79, Prospekt Svobodny, Krasnoyarsk, 660041, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alyokhina N.N., Ponomaryova E.I., Bakaeva I.A.Researchof Dough Microstructure and Bread from Bio Activated Wheat

P. 18-19 Keyword: bioactivation, thick sourdough, wheat grain, ferment, microstructure
Abstract: Expansion of the range of the bakery products from the whole grain containing additional amount of vitamins, amino acids, mineral substances and digestible carbohydrates in the structure, which are formed at its germination is the perspective direction that is confirmed by growth of their production. The purpose of the conducted researches was definition of influence of a way of preparation of test from the bioactivated wheat grain for formation of structure of dough and bread by application of a method of the scanning microscopy. Works held at Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology. Investigated four samples of the semi-finished products and bread from the bioactivated grain of wheat made: 1 - in the accelerated way on whey (Cone bread, control); 2 - on ferment of spontaneous fermentation (Ray bread); 3 and 4 - on ferment of spontaneous fermentation with hop composition (bread "Ekokhmel, "Elite"). It is established that the structure of the dough made on ferment differed in more uniform arrangement of air cavities and their big size in comparison with control, the structure of a crumb was also characterized by the developed porosity, uniformity of distribution of protein and starch. The conducted researches proved positive influence of dense ferment from the bioactivated grain on a microstructure of dough and finished products. The authors recommend that along with getting bread on whey, to prepare it to leaven spontaneous fermentation.
Authors: Alyokhina Nadezhda Nikolaevna, Candidate of Technical Science
Ponomaryova Elena Ivanovna, Doctor of Technical Science
Bakaeva Irina Alexandrovna, Graduate Student
Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology,
19, Prospekt Revolyutsii, Voronezh, 394036, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Drevin V.E., Taranova E.S., Kalmykova E.V.Unconventional Vegetable Raw Materials for Production of Functional Purpose

P. 20-21 Keyword: Nordic, alternative raw materials, low calorie, rye bread, functional foods
Abstract: Lower Volga region is traditionally considered agricultural region, both in the cultivation of cereals, as well as technical, vegetable and melon production. On the sidelines remains unclaimed each year a large number (25%) yield of melons of good quality, but unsuitable for rapid implementation of the (small, irregularly shaped). Objective: To conduct research on the use of non-traditional bakery in the regional raw materials - watermelon honey (nardek) baking rye bread for the enrichment of the finished product with vitamins, macro- and microelements. Research methods used for traditional baking industry laboratories. These study the composition of raw materials indicate the feasibility of its use for the production of bread functional orientation. Adding nardek formulated rye bread in an amount of 5% can increase the nutritional value of the product, maintain quality and prolong the freshness of consumer properties and shelf life of up to 5 ... 7 days, ie 1,9 times greater than in conventional formulations. It was found that the daily use of 250 grams of bread daily need for vitamins and minerals is satisfied 30,8% that can be attributed to these products to function. It was revealed that feature nardek considered high calorie, sugar content up to 60%. At the same nutritional value of the product is only 110 calories per 100 grams of product. Organize the production of pilot batches at the baking enterprises of the city of Volgograd and the Volgograd region. It is shown that in the conditions of industrial use nardek in the production of bakery products can increase the profitability of 17,8%.
Authors: Drevin Valery Evgenyevich, Candidate of Agricultural Science
Taranova Elena Sergeevna, Candidate of Agricultural Science
Kalmykova Elena Vladimirovna, Candidate of Agricultural Science
Volgograd State Agrarian University,
26, Prospekt Universitetsky, Volgograd, 400002, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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