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Confectionary manufacture №5/2017


Tkeshelashvili M.E., Kosheleva N.P., Bobojonova G.A.Waffle Products that Meet Modern Requirements for Healthy Eating

P. 4-7 Keyword: Keywords: wafers, healthy diet, milk protein, confectionery goods, whey protein.
Abstract: Flour confectionery goods belong to a number of important and popular components of the daily diet people of all age groups. Therefore the ideas are actually of creating useful and functional confectionery goods accordance with the principles of a balanced healthy diet. The purpose of this work was the development of the consist filling which will enrich wafers products with protein and significantly to reduce the caloric content of products. The object of the development was wafers with a high content of whey and milk proteins enriched by food fibers and prebiotics with 100%­th use of sugar alternative with addition depending on the formula of natural sublimed raspberry powder or roasted kernels by almond. The work is performed at the scientific research institute of "Applied research of innovative technologies and food quality" of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. The based on laboratory tests conducted consist of the two flavors of products and the percentage of the components in the formulation of wafers with filling. For ensure high protein content in the product milk protein concentrate in combination with whey protein concentrate was included in the formulation. As of sugar alternative applied maltit. To improve the nutritional and biological value of the product used ingredients such as polydextrose, chicory, inulin. Steviazide was used as a sweetener. To obtain wafers products of high taste quality almond kernels and powder of sublimed raspberries were used. Calculated nutritional value wafers the results confirmed the effectiveness of the composition of selected raw materials: high protein content in the filling (31,0­32,6%) and the final product (26,8­28,2%) and reducing the caloric content of the product. Thus, wafers products were developed with a high content of proteins enriched with ingredients of high nutritional and biological value with significantly reduced caloric content, possessing high organoleptic properties which will be in demand in the Russian consumer market as "healthy" and "useful" products.
Authors: Tkeshelashvili Manana Emelyanovna, Candidate of Technical Science,
Bobojonova Galina Aleksandrovna, Candidate of Technical Science,
Kosheleva Nelli Petrovna, Research Scientist.
Plekhanov's Russian Economic University,
36, Stremyanniy Per., Moscow, 117997, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sokolova E.N., Volkova G.S., Fursova N.A., Borscheva Yu.A., Rimareva L.V.Use of Unconventional Vegetable Raw Materials in the Recipes of Cakes

P. 8-10 Keyword: Biologically active substances; pastry; fermented pomace chokeberry,
Abstract: Confectionery industry shows great interest in the use of non­traditional vegetable raw materials in the production of flour confectionery products. The purpose of the research was to determine whether the use of fermented dried chokeberry pomace as a prescription component functional flour confectionery products. The meal was prepared by crushing berries and processing pectinases and cellulase in the hydraulic module of 1:3 for 120 min at 50 0C, then squeezed the juice, the precipitate was pressed and dried under mild conditions at 60 0C.?The work conducted in the Institute of food biotechnology (Moscow). Used physico­chemical and microbiological methods of analysis and quantification of quality, taking into account such factors as surface appearance, shape, color, propagandist crumb, taste and smell. Fermented dry pomace chokeberry obtained and contains 3,64% of dry substances of 2.5-3.2% tannins, 0.09 to 1.25 P active flavonoids, of 0.7-0.8% anthocyanins, of 2.05% fat, 15 mg/100 g meal of vitamin C.?Based on the results of the trial cakes it is proposed to use dry fermented pomace chokeberry as a fortifier of cupcakes biologically valuable components. It is shown that the introduction of fermented dry pomace chokeberry in the recipe of the cake, the quality indicators of finished products improved significantly. The experimental data of organoleptic characteristics allow to draw a conclusion about the possibility of using dried fermented pomace chokeberry in the amount of 5% by weight of flour for the production of muffins. Thus the technological properties of flour and dough does not significantly change.
Authors: Sokolova Elena Nikolaevna, Candidate of Biological Science,
Volkova Galina Sergeevna, Candidate of Technical Science,
Fursova Nayaliya Alexandrovna, Head of the Sector,
Borscheva Yuliya Alexandrovna, Candidate of Technical Science,
Rimareva Lyubov Vyacheslavovna, Doctor of Technical Science, Academician of RAS,
All­Russian Research Institute of Food Biotechnology - branch of "Federal Research Center for Nutrition, Biotechnology"
4b, Samokatnaya St., Moscow, 111033, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vitamin and Mineral Complexes in Therapeutic and Preventive Nutrition

Rudenko O.S., Kondratiev N.B., Yuzhakova K.V., Yegorova Yu.A., Kazantsev E.V., Savenkova Ò.V.The Study of Thiamine Content as a Distinctive Feature of Confectionery Products

P. 12-13 Keyword: Confectionery products, distinctive features, thiamin, fruit and vegetable raw materials, chocolate
Abstract: Information about the content of vitamins is one of the distinctive feature of food in accordance with TR CU 022/2011 "Food products in terms of labeling". Thiamin (vitamin B1) is one of the most important vitamins of group B.?The purpose of the work is to determine the amount of thiamine in confectionery products and fruit and vegetable raw materials for their production. The research was conducted in the Russian National Scientific Institute of the Confectionery Industry (Moscow). The actual ranges of thiamine content in fruit and vegetable purees were established. The mass fraction of vitamin B1 (mg per 100 g) in puree made of carrot was 0.044-0.070, of pumpkin - 0.015-0.019, of apples - 0.011-0.042; from the blackberry - 0,020 -0,030; from strawberries - 0-0,030; from cranberry - 0,020-0,030; from blueberry - 0-0,020; from the black currant - 0-0,030. The amount of this vitamin can significantly increase in confectionery products containing fruit and vegetable processing products due to processing and removal of a significant part of the water from the raw components. The content of native vitamin B1 reaches 0.12 mg per 100 g of product in the developed marmalade based on carrots with a mass fraction of carrot puree 40% which is almost 2 times more than in the initial puree and significantly higher than in jelly marmalade made without fruit (vegetable) raw materials. The amount of vitamin B1 in confectionery products was determined. Mass fraction of vitamin B1 (mg per 100 g) in marmalade was 0,002-0,061, marshmallow and pastille - 0-0,061, milk chocolate with fruit filling - 0,062-0,079, biscuits with fruit filling - 0,023-0,051; gingerbread with fruit filling - 0,025-0,200. The results of the research allow updating the data of the vitamin B1 content in raw materials and confectionery products. The obtained experimental results can also be used in the production of functional confectionery products.
Authors: O.S. Rudenko, Head Researcher,;
N.B. Kondratyev, Doctor of Technical Science;
K.V. Yuzhakova, Junior Researcher
Yu.A. Egorova, Junior Researcher;
E.V. Kazantsev, Researcher;
T.V. Savenkova, Doctor of Technical Science
All­Russian Research Institute of Confectionery Industry
107023, Moscow, Electrozavodskaya street, 20, building 3, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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