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Confectionary manufacture №3/2017


Magomedov G.O., Plotnikova I.V., Zatsepilina N.P., Lygin V.V., Cheshinsky V.L.Whipped Candies for School Nutrition

P. 6-10 Keyword: school meals, innovative way, aerated candy mass, barley-malt extract, mechanical way of loosening, nugovye candy, higher nutritional value, reduced saharoemkost, calorie.
Abstract: The food of most students does not meet the requirements of nutrition for school meals. The flaw in their diet important working out essential nutrients leads to various diseases, while children are not able to endure great mental and physical strain. The purpose of the work: develop an innovative method of preparing an aerated candy for school meals by mechanical loosening whipped Lugovoi mass reduced charoenrat, energy value, high nutritional value, based on new non-traditional raw material sources. The work was done in the research laboratory of the Department of Technology of bakery, confectionery, macaroni and grain processing industries, the center for collective use of "Control and management of energy efficiency projects" of the FGBOU VO "VSUET"), Methods of research used traditional for laboratories in the food and confectionery industry. As unconventional raw materials instead of sugar used barley-malt extract, which contains a significant amount of monosaccharides, polysaccharides, proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, natural colouring and aromatic substances, etc. Instead of traditional foam - egg white, used wheat flour, which contains in addition an insoluble fraction, soluble - to 17.8 %, consisting mainly of albumins and globulins having foaming ability. Details are presented and described structural scheme of the preparation of nuhovich candies aerated structure. Defined organoleptic and physical-chemical indicators of quality, disperse composition, chemical composition and microbiological quality control of chocolates. The results of the nutritional analysis showed that aerated sweets have a high antioxidant activity, nutritional value, reduced charoenloet and calories. In the use of schoolchildren aged 7 to 10 years 100 g whipped candy satisfaction for nutrients - magnesium, iron, vitamins A, PP, B6, B12 is 18.9; 18.7; 52.9; 17.3; 15; 15 % (respectively), which makes this product functional.
Authors: Magomedov Gazibeg Omarovich, Doctor of Technical Science
Plotnikova Inessa Victorovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Zatsepilina Natalia Petrovna,Candidate of Technical Science
Lygin Valery Victorovich, Student
Federal State Budget Educational Institution of Higher Education "Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies" (FGBOU VO "VSUET"),
19, Prospect revolution, Voronezh, 394036, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Cheshinsky Valery Leonidovich, Candidate of Technical Science
Russian Union of the baking industry
20, 1st Schipkovsky per., Moscow, 115093, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lapteva N.K. Use of Rye Raw Materials in the Production of Flour Confectionery Products of a FunctionalOrientation

P. 11-14 Keyword: Flourcon fectionery, nutritional value, ryeflour, ryemalt.
Abstract: Studies on design of documentation for new farinaceous confectionary having increased nutritional value are conducted in North-East Agricultural Research Institute for more than 10 years. High attention is paid to using of rye raw material (rye flour and malt) for full or partial substitution of wheat flour with the purpose of broadening of assortment of production. It is explained by the fact that rye has the lowest calories content of grain and products of its processing among all cereal crops and contents much more minerals, microelements, vitamins, and fibers; its grain contents more essential amino acids than wheat has. Raw materials of other cereal crops along with oil crops are used in new receipts too for heightening of these foodstuffs. Among new products is documentation for cake "Osenny", biscuit rolls "Niva" with jam and "Niva" with fruit butter, biscuits "Debyut", "Stimul", and "Trio". New farinaceous confectionaries are differed from existing analogues by heightened (by 23.1-155.6 %) content of fibers and lowered (by 1.8-20.8 %) energy value. Cake "Osenny", rolls "Niva" with jam and "Niva" with fruit butter, biscuits "Trio" have high content of poly-unsaturated fatty acids that are important for man health. Cake "Osenny" has 3.16 g of these acids per 100 g while its industrial analogue (cake "Sportivnye") has as low as twice content of poly-unsaturated acids - 1.53 g / 100 g. Using of rye raw material in production of new confectionary will allow to broadening assortment of foodstuff with high nutritional value, to lowering cost of raw materials for production, to lowering energy potential of diet that is important for rational health type of nutrition of modern human.
Authors: Lapteva Nina Kuzminichna, Candidate of Agricultural Science
Zonal Scientific Research Institute of Agriculture of the Northeastna med after N.V. Rudnitsky,
166 Lenina St., Kirov, 610007, Russia, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Kondratyev N.B., Osipov M.V., Belova I.A., Petrova N.A., Parashina F.I., Savenkova T.V.Vitamin B2 in Confectionery

P. 15-16 Keyword: сonfectionery products, distinctive features, riboflavin, safety, fruit and berry marmalade
Abstract: The labeling of confectionery products contains information not only about nutritional values, but also about their distinctive features, which make possible to distinguish products. At the same time, it is necessary to observe the conditions regulated by Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, TRCU 022/2011 "Food products in terms of labeling". Information on the content of vitamins refers to the distinctive features of confectionery products. The purpose of the work is to determine the amount of vitamin B2 in confectionery products and fruit and vegetable raw materials for their production. The research was conducted in all-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Confectionery Industry (Moscow). The content of vitamin B2 was established according to a procedure based on acidic and enzymatic hydrolysis of the bound forms of riboflavin. It was found that the range of vitamin B2 content in puree from various vegetables and berries is wide (from 0 to 0.070 mg per 100 g). The content of vitamin B2 was determined in various confectionery products. It was found that some kinds of fruit and berry marmalade could be sources of vitamin B2. The impact of the temperature of marmalade mass during application of vitamin B2 on the safety of vitamin was determined. The maximum level of vitamin B2 preservation was observed when vitamin was added to the marmalade mass at the stage of its tempering at 70 ° C, as well as in jelly sweets with a water activity of 0.63. Thus, the development of a methodology for controlling the indicators of the chemical composition characterizing the distinctive features of confectionery products is currently an actual task for the confectionery industry.
Authors: Kondratev Nikolay Borisovich, Doctor of Technical Science;
Osipov Maxim Vladimirovich, Candidate of Technical Sciences;
Belova Irina Aleksandrovna,
Petrova Natalia Aleksandrovna,
Parashina Faina Ivanovna, Candidate of Chemical Sciences;
Savenkova Tatyana Valentinovna, Doctor of Technical Science
VNII confectionery industry,
107023, Moscow, st. Elektrozavodskaya, h. 20, p. 3, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blagoveschensky I.G.Development of a Situational Model of Technological Processes for the Fond ant Sweets Production

P. 17-20 Keyword: fondant sweets; quality indices; forecasting; production; situational model; expert system
Abstract: The article shows that the solution of the automation task control characteristics of raw materials, semi-finished and finished fondant sweets in a flow is only possible with mathematical models of processes of production of these confectionery products. This will allow you to visually examine the degree of influence the input of controlled and regulated parameters and disturbing effects on the quality parameters at all stages of production, and will also give the possibility to predict the course of these processes and to determine required modes of operation of the equipment used. Noted that the tasks of monitoring and prediction of organoleptic indicators of the quality of the candy in the stream it is difficult to formalize. It is shown that to develop such mathematical models was carried out experimental research and expert survey, which was developed by situational and structural - parametric model of all stages of TP production of fondant sweets with a selection of factors having the greatest influence on the size of the sugar crystals. In the analysis, studies were selected the most informative parameters of the status of each stage of the process of production of fondant candy and made up of a matrix of relationships between them at each stage of production. The article presents the results of a survey of experts on the information content of the parameters that have the greatest impact on quality of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products at all stages of technological processes of production of fondant candy. It is shown that the conducted research has allowed to develop situational models of all stages of the technological process of production of chocolates with an indication of a connection between the studied quality indicators. Based on the situational and structural - parametric models of all stages of production of fondant sweets in the article presented in the form of a quadratic matrix of relationships generalized situational model is the presence of functional connections of indicators of quality of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. The situational matrix model makes it possible to trace a causal influence of parameters on each other and on the quality characteristics of raw materials, semi-finished and finished confectionery products with the formalization of algorithms of diagnostics and forecasting of the studied technological processes and quality of finished products at each stage of production of fondant candy. It is concluded that the developed situational model, identification and justification of the main parameters (operational and technological) that have the greatest impact on the process of production of fondant candy allow you to proceed to the development of schemes of automation of management and control of these processes by using intelligent technology, and also provide an opportunity to optimize the technological regimes of the equipment.
Authors: Blagoveschensky Ivan Germanovich, Candidate of Technical Science
Moscow State University of Food Production,
11, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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