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Confectionary manufacture №6/2016


Mazukabzova E. V., Linovskaya N. V., Ryseva L. I.Study of Crystallization of Cocoa Butter Fats-Equivalents to Assess the Manufacturability of Chocolate Glaze

P. 6-9 Keyword: fat - cocoa butter equivalent; cooling curve of Buhler; crystallization; cocoa butter; congelation point; chocolate glaze
Abstract: The main raw material for the production of semi-finished chocolate - cocoa butter. Currently, the production of chocolate glaze, due to various factors that hinder the use of cocoa butter, widespread fat cocoa butter equivalents (CBE). Pour fat - the most important technology factor. Pour glaze fat phase affects the tempering parameters, glazing and consequently, the further storage of finished glazed confectionery. Objective: to study the behavior of fat cocoa butter equivalents (CBE) in the crystallization. Particular attention is paid to the comparison of the crystallization properties of the CBE and cocoa butter. The objective: to obtain the result on the device, which exclude the effect of the operator on these study results. The work performed at the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the confectionery industry (Moscow). A sample of the test sample is heated. Then the filled container to a test sample and the samples placed into a cooling unit. The sample is slowly cooled. As the sample is cooled on the device monitor displays the cooling curve based on the measured data and set parameter values. As a result, obtained the following results: the temperature of nucleation CBE - (21,9...22,7) °C, cocoa butter - 20,9 °C, the start of crystallization CBE - (36,4-49,5) min, cocoa butter - 40,2 min, pour point temperature of CBE - (18,8...20,0) °C, cocoa butter - 20,6 °C, duration of crystallization EHR - (60,8-89,4) min, cocoa butter - 68,2 min, crystallization coefficient Buhler CBE - (1,4-3,1), cocoa butter - 3,6. Thus, fat - CBE different from each other and from cocoa butter crystallization properties. We revealed the dependence of the crystallization on the crystallization properties of the Buhler different CBE. It is found that the lower the crystallization rate by Buhler, the poorer crystallization properties of fat and more time is required for its hardening.
Authors: Mazukabzova Ella Vitalyevna, Engeneer
Linovskaya Nataliya Vladimirovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Ryseva Larisa Ivanovna, Candidate of Technical Science
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Confectionery Industry,
20, bldg. 3, Elektrozavodskaya St., Moscow, 107023, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tkeshelashvili M.E., Bobozhonova G.A., Kosheleva N.P.Influence of Multifunctional Food Ingredients on the Stability of the Chocolate to the "Graying"

P. 10-13 Keyword: fat bloom, sugar bloom, color coordinates, chocolate, CIEL*a*b*
Abstract: An important issue regarding the appearance of the chocolate - the effect of "graying", which is an absolute factor in reducing the quality of the product. In Russia today, there are no approved instrumental methods and techniques of assessment of "graying" of chocolate, both for research and for determining the quality of standard documentation. In this connection, the experiments devoted to the prevention of "graying" and the development of instrumental technique and methodology for assessing the "graying" of chocolate for later use quantitative assessment of sugar and fat, "graying", are relevant. The purpose of research - the study of the impact of food ingredients on the stability of the chocolate to "graying" and the establishment of quantitative assessment methods of its "graying". The work at the Research Institute of "Applied Researches of Innovative Technologies and Food Quality", Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. To study produced chocolate samples containing 5%, 10% and 20% isomalt and 10, 20 and 30% polydextrose. He served as a control sample with no dark chocolate and milk with added fat. To form the "graying" samples were exposed to different temperatures and relative humidity. The development of instrumental method for measuring the color of chocolate conducted on the basis of the analysis of the product of the optical characteristics data. The coefficients of reflection spectra of the samples of chocolate converted into color coordinates of space CIEL*a*b* 1976. Diagnosed emergence of a "graying" of chocolate, changing the parameter lightness L*(CIEL*a*b*). We determine the effect of administration of the formulation of chocolate isomalt and polydextrose to fat and sugar "graying". Based on these data we developed a method for measuring the color characteristics of the system in the CIEL * a * b *, using spectrometry method to quantify the "graying" of chocolate. We found that the introduction of the chocolate mass formulation isomalt and polydextrose contributes stability to the sugar dark chocolate "graying" the product containing milk fat to fat "graying".
Authors: Tkeshelashvili Manana Emelyanovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Bobozhonova Galina Alexandrovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Kosheleva Nelly Petrovna, Researcher
Plekhanov Russian University of Economics,
36, Stremyanny Per., Moscow, 117997, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skobelskaya Z.G., Ovchinnikov S.G.Reducing the Viscosity of the Cocoa

P. 14-16 Keyword: cocoa beans, cocoa mass, viscosity reduction, IVA-1
Abstract: One of the major challenges facing the confectionery industry at the moment - the rational recycling of expensive imported raw materials - cocoa beans. The main raw material obtained after the processing of cocoa beans - cocoa mass. Cocoa quality is as follows: moisture content (max 3.0%), fat mass fraction is at least 50.0%, the degree of grinding - not less than 90.0%. A significant indicator of the complex - the viscosity of the cocoa characterizing resistance to flow of liquid, shall not exceed 9.0 Paos. Objective: to decrease the viscosity of cocoa. The work was performed at the Moscow State University of Food Production. To reduce the viscosity of the cocoa used a new innovative method of processing a domestic appliance IVA-1. We determine the effect of fractal matrix processing on the quality of cocoa. It revealed that the duration of processing cocoa fractal matrix corrector is not less than 45 minutes, for further processing viscosity index does not change. Application of IVA-1 device helping to reduce the viscosity of cocoa by 0.4 Paos. This economy-cocoa butter in the production of 1 ton of chocolate "Children" will be 0.43 kg. At the same time the cost of the finished product will be reduced to 529.3 rubles per 1 t. The authors believe that this innovative method of reducing the viscosity of cocoa rational use in the production, as will give the chance to save expensive imported raw materials - cocoa beans.
Authors: Skobelskaya Zinaida Grigoryevna, Doctor of Technical Science
Ovchinnikov Stanislav Gennad'evich, Student
Moscow State University of Food Production,
11, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Blagoveschenskaya M.M., Shaverin A.V., Blagoveschensky I.G., Nosenko A.S.Intelligent Module for Predicting the Palatability of Confectionery Masses

P. 17-21 Keyword: control automation; taste qualities; intelligent module; confectionery mass; prediction
Abstract: This article shows the relevance of the intellectual module to predict the taste of different confectionary masses. The necessity of wide automation processes for the production of confectionery masses, the introduction of new intelligent technologies, the emergence of the necessary funds control flow for the implementation of automated systems manage the production of confectionery products.Held at the Moscow state University of food production the research allowed to develop an intelligent module for predict the taste of quality confectionery mass, which allows you to automate the control of organoleptic characteristics in the stream. Given the tasks required to resolve the issue of objective evaluation of the taste of the finished product. The analysis existing automated control systems of technological processes in confectionery companies, which showed that in most cases are implemented in the present system responsible only for management of equipment and technological lines, and interaction with production control is missing. Shows the application of neural networks is the most effective the direction of automation of control of the taste of quality confectionery mass in the process until its completion. The solution of this task will be entrusted to an intelligent software module, the algorithm of which is incorporated neural network prediction model. Presents suggestions to define palatability of pastry masses by processing technology measurement software module, working on the basis of neural network models, and developed neural network model (HCM) evaluation of indicators of taste of chocolate products (for example, production line of chocolate bars with fondant cream filling). Implemented the structure selection of neural network copper. The results of the study conducted the analysis of health NSM, as well as the degree of influence of input parameters on the criteria of taste the values of weight coefficients of the neural network. Created intelligent module-taster hardware and software complex monitoring of indicators of taste of chocolate bars with fondant cream filling allows you to implement the functions that are automated control systems.
Authors: Blagoveschenskaya Margarita Mikhaylovna, Doctor of Technical Science
Shaverin Andrey Veniaminovich, Candidate of Technical Science
Blagoveschensky Ivan Germanovich, Candidate of Technical Science
Moscow State University of Food Production,
11, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Nosenko Alexey Sergeevich, Candidate of Economical Science
Management Company "United Confectioners",
13/15, bldg. 1, 2nd Novokuznesky Per., Moscow, 115184, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Savchenko E.P., Struchkova E.V. Life Becomes Tastier. Correct Sweets


Berezovsky Yu.M., Andreev V.N.Molding Products in Karamel- and Stamp-Cutting Machines

P. 24-26 Keyword: caramel, calculation of parameters, formation of products
Abstract: In article the settlement method of the analysis of process of moulding of caramel in to mould caramel cars is yielded. The caramelnyj braid from the braid pulls cars arrives on does caraqmel the form the car which is carrying out division of a braid on pieces, corresponding to one product and, in case of moulding of caramel with drawing, drawing stamping on lateral face. Classification and the analysis of the cars realising this process, V.?N. Serba has carried out. The author has developed a series of the empirical equations for calculation of forces and necessary vigour with use of a considerable quantity of empirical quotients. It confines possibilities of application of the offered formulas and excludes possibilities to open essence of the phenomena descending at flow caramel masses in the course of moulding. In article process is considered as set of three stages: Introduction of the wedge partitions dividing caramel a braid on pieces, corresponding to products; press pieces with formation of even surfaces and drawing drawing on lateral faces of products by means of force plugs. Known data that карамельная the mass according to rheology represents a Newtonian liquid in all temperature range at which moulding is carried out is used. High values of viscosity and small enough speeds of deformations I cause the small Reynolds numbers characterising flow карамельной of mass at moulding. It allows to use known dependences of flow ньютоновских mediums at small Reynolds numbers. Dependences for calculation of efforts of introduction of wedge dividers are offered. For calculation of parametres of compression of the circumscribed pieces of a braid with building of even surfaces of a product the dependence received by the decision of the equation of Reynolds at the conforming boundary conditions, characterising the dimensions of a discharged element of a braid is offered. The variant of working out of settlement formulas for definition of efforts on the lateral punches providing drawing of drawing on lateral surfaces of a product is considered.
Authors: Berezovsky Yuriy Mikhaylovich, Doctor of Technical Science
Research Institute of Refrigeration Industry,
12, Kostyakova St., Moscow, 117546, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Andreev Vladimir Nikolaevich, Candidate of Technical Science
Moscow State University of Technology and Management named after K.G. Razumovsky,
73, Zemlyanoy Val St., Moscow, 109004,


Magomedov G.O., Plotnikova I.V., Magomedov M.G., Saranov I.A., Kochetov V.K.Malted Barley Powder Concentrate for the Production of Praline Reduced Sugar Capacity

P. 27-30 Keyword: nutritional value; powder; praline candy; malted barley concentrate
Abstract: Praline sweets are not balanced in a nutrition value, they have a high content of sugar, caloric content, a poor content of essential substances, that's why they relate to a risk group. The main purpose of my project: get a cover of praline sweets with a poor content of sugar, caloric content, high nutritional content, increased nutritional value by replacing in the formulation of powdered sugar on the powder concentrate of barley malt. The project was made in the chair of Scientific Research Laboratory department of bakery technology, confectionery, pasta and grain processing industries, the center for collective use "Control and management of energy efficiency projects" FSBEI HE "VSUET", the Testing Laboratory Centre Autonomous non-profit organization "Scientific and Technical Center" Fodder". We have used traditional methods of food and confectionery industry. From malt barley concentrate powder was obtained, which was analyzed for physico-chemical and structural and mechanical characteristics - dispersibility, flowability, bulk weight, caking, hygroscopicity, solubility and wettability, physical and mechanical - and microbiological parameters. Results of analyses shown what the powder has beneceptor trace elements, vitamines and amino acids. The powder was added to a recipe of praline mass in an amount of from 30 and 60?% (dry substances). If we increase the powder in weight fraction instead of powdered sugar, increases the tensile strength of the masses, which has a positive effect on the acceleration of the process of structure formation of bundles of praline mass on cooling. Authors think that it is possible to replace in the recipe of praline sweets 50?% powdered sugar to powder malted barley concentrate. In the results we will save satisfactory organoleptical and physical and chemical properties.
Authors: Magomedov Gazibek Omarovich, Doctor of Technical Science
Plotnikova Inessa Viktorovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Magomedov Magomed Gasanovich, Candidate of Technical Science
Saranov Igor Alexandrovich, Graduate Student
Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology,
19, Prospekt Revolyutsii, Voronezh, 394000, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Kochetov Vladimir Kirrilovich, Doctor of Technical Science
Confectionery Plant "Kuban",
13, Kalinina St., Krasnodar, 350044, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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