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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №4/2019

The results of the work of Food and Processing industry Enterprises of Russia


Abramova, I.M., Serba, E.M. Biotechnological Processes in Food and Feed Production

Abramova I.M., Medrish M.E., Savelieva V.B., Gavrilova D.A. The effect of microelement composition on the quality of alcoholic beverages, obtained with the use of plant raw materials

Agarkova E.Yu., Kruchinin A.G. Development of the biocatalytic conversion process of whey components

Albulov A.I., Frolova M.A., Varlamov V.P., Yeremets V.I., Eliseev A.K., Kovaleva E.I. The use of the enzyme preparation Celloviridin G20H in the technology for producing low molecular weight chitosans

Antipova T.A., Felik S.V., Simonenko S.V., Sidorova E.V. Low lactose foods in children nutrition

Afanasyev D.A., Mashentseva N.G., Chernukha I.M. Biologically active peptides as a product of microbial fermentation of raw meat and finished meat products

Baburina M.I., Ivankin A.N., Gorbunova N.A. Assessment of hydrolysis of collagen-containing raw meat as a kinetic process

Belyaeva L.I., Ostapenko A.V., Labuzova V.N. The use of enzyme preparations is an actual direction in the modern technology of sugar

Volkova G.S., Kuksova E.V., Fursova N.A., Veremyev D.N. Possibilities of increase in efficiency of laying hens when using in a diet of probiotic feed additive and enzyme

Gaivoronskaya I.S., Kolpakova V.V. Creation of multicomponent protein compositions with increased biological value with the use of transglutaminase

Halavach T.M., Romanovich R.V., Kurchenko V.P., Tarun E.I. Antioxidant potential of bovine colostrum fermented with acidophilus bacillus

Golovacheva N.E., Abramova I.M., Morozova S.S., Gallyamova L.P., Shubina N.A., Martirosyan A.S. Production of whisky on the accelerated technology

Gernet M.V., Gribkova I.N., Kobelev K.V. Biotechnological aspects of obtaining fermentation beverages on vegetable raw materials with increased shelf life

Gorlov I.F., Slozhenkina M.I., Fedotov G.V., Grigoryan L.F. The study of the quality of protein-carbohydrate complexes in the technology of cooking meat products

Dobriyan E.I., Ilyina A.M., Gorlova A.I. The manufacture of functional products based on lactose fermentative hydrolysis

Dolmatova O.I., Doshina A.V., Pechenkina I.N., Vykliniec L.V. Modern technologies of fermented milk product with flavoring components

Eliseev M.N., Emelyanova L.K., Belkin Yu.D., Alekseeva O.M. Research of quality of the semi-fermented oolong teas

Zorin S.N., Petrov N.A., Borisov A.Yu. Enzymatic hydrolysates of whey protein: preparation, physico-chemical and immune chemical characterization

Ivanova V.V., Klyuchnikova D.V. Use of enzyme of microbial origin in soft cheese technology

Ivanova L.A., Mashenceva N.G., Churmasova L.A., Gaskarova E.F. Yeast lipase technology and its application

Igoryanova N.A., Polituxa O.V., Yaitskikh A.V., Stepanenko D.S. Biotechnological transformation of barley peeling by products - a way of obtaining ingredients with the properties of the stabilizers of food systems

Koryagina A.O., Toymentseva A.A., Sharipova M.R. Selection of the optimal producer strain of B. pumilus serine proteinase

Kulikov D.S., Gulakova V.A., Kolpakova V.V., Ulanova R.V. Obtaining protein concentrates and microbial biomass from triticale extract and pea flour using enzymes

Kostyleva E.V., Tsurikova N.V., Sereda A.S., Velikoretskaya I.A., Aysina A.M. The use of induced mutagenesis to increase the activity of fungal enzyme producers for the food industry

Krivchenko V.A., TurshatovM.V., Solovyev A.O., Abramova I.M. Ethanol production is a technological basis of grain complex processing with foodstuff producing

Kudryashov V.L., Alekseev V.V., Pogorzhel'skaya N.S., Borshcheva Y.A., Sokolova E.N. Biotechnological, baromembrane and ultrasonic processes - the basis for the creation of technologies for the production of food and feed additives

Kurbatova E.I. Biotechnological bases of plant and microbial raw materials processing with using of the controlled biocatalytic destruction of the cell wall polymers

Kurchenko V.P., Halavach T.M., Sushinskaya N.V., Berezueva E.V., Alieva L.R., Lodygin A.D., Evdokimov I.A., Shramko M.I. The use of chitosan to increase the shelf life of dairy products

Medrish M.E., Abramova I.M., Savel'eva V.B., Gavrilova D.A., Pavlenko S.V. Quality control of distilled spirits

Melnikova E.I., Bogdanova E.V. Application of the enzyme preparation NOLA Fit in the technology of lactose-free ice-cream

Minaev M.Yu., Makhova A.A. The possibility of using recombinant metallopeptidase M9 for meat tenderization

Morgunova E.M., Pusovskaya Yu.S., Pushkar A.A. Development of technological bases for processing a mixture of inulin and starchcontaining raw materials using various yeast races

Morozova S.A., Ponomarev V.Ya., Yunusov E.Sh., Ezhkova G.O. The use of biotechnological processing of collagen-containing raw materials for the production of protein hydrolysates

Morozova S.S., Abramova I.M., Golovacheva N.E., Gallyamova L.P., Shubina N.A., Martirosyan A.S. A promising method of processing oak wood for aging temporal distillates

Nialiubina A.V., Ourbantchik A.M., Kaminskaya V.S., Sapunova L.I., Yarkhova L.V., Pauliuk A.M. Elaboration of bread-baking technology based on gluten-free fermented pea product

Nepriyatel A.A. Method of enzymatic hydrolysis of maral velvet antlers

Nechaev A.P., Tarasova V.V., Nikolaeva Yu.V. The effect of various types of dietary fiber on bread proteins

Nosova M.V., Dremucheva G.F., Kostyuchenko M.N., Zuyeva A.G., Tsurikova N.V. Technological properties of multi-enzyme composition on the basis of domestic enzyme preparations in the technology of bread made from wheat flour with various baking properties

Papakhin A.A., Borodina Z.M. About the properties of enzymatically modified corn porous starch

Pimenova V.V. Phage-mediated Bioprocess of quail slaughter products

Pozhidaeva E.A., Paramonova M.A., Horpyakova A.M. Use of enzymes and fermental medicines in the energy efficient production technology of cheeses from chedderizatsiy cheese weight

Rimareva L.V., Overchenko M.B., Ignatova N.I., Krivova A.Yu., Serba E.M. Generation of alcoholic yeast on media prepared from cereals with different phytate content

Safina V.R., Melentiev A.I., Aktuganov G.E. The effect of substrate induction and culture conditions on synthesis of chitosanases by Bacillus thuringiensis, strain B-387

Serba E.M., Overchenko M.B., Ignatova N.I., Tadzhibova P.Yu., Rimareva L.V. On the issue about quality control of enzyme preparations for the food industry

Sereda A.S., Velikoretskaya I.A., Kostyleva E.V., Tsurikova N.V., Khabibulina N.V., Bikbov T.M. Use of biologically active product "BioAxel" for the induction of xylanase and endoglucanase biosynthesis by Trichoderma reesei strain

Simonenko E.S., Simonenko S.V., Zolotin A.Yu., Pokrovskaya V.A., Kopytko M.S. Worldwide experience in the use of ingredients of plant origin

Simonenko S.V., Simonenko E.S., Antipova T.A., Felik S.V. Methods for the identification of milk and dairy products

Sokolova O.V., Yushina Yu.K. The study of biofilm-forming ability of Listeria monocytogenes

Sokolova E.N., Kurbatova E.I., Borsheva Yu.A., Rimareva L.V., Serba E.M. Biotechnology for producing beverages with a high content of biologically valuable components based on fermentolysates of plant raw materials

Soldatova E.A., Misteneva S.Yu., Savenkova T.V. Functions and use of enzyme preparations in the production of prolonged biscuits

Slozhenkina M.I., Starodubova Yu.V. New grade of chickpeas (Volzhanin 50) - perspective raw material for texturing of sausage products

Stepanov V.I., Ivanov V.V., Sharikov A.Yu., Amelyakina M.V., Polivanovskaya D.V., Serba E.M. The system of continuous thermomechanical and biocatalytic processing of plant materials

Storublevtsev S.A., Antipova L.V., Do Le Khyu Nam, Akimbay D.A. The use of enzymes for the production of gelatin from pond fish

Tananaiko T.M., Pushkar A.A., Solovei V.I. Improving the process of ethanol biosynthesis in the production of grain distillates

Troshagina D.S., Sharipova M.R. Comparative characteristics of the properties of recombinant phytase 5.1 Pantoea sp. 3, obtained in various expression systems

Turshatov M.V., Krivchenko V.A., Solovyev A.O., Abramova I.M. To a question about microbiological purity and safety of distillery plant products

Felik S.V., Antipova T.A., Simonenko S.V., Sidorova E.V. Рroducts gerodietic nutrition. Prospective studies

Hoziev A.M., Tsugkiev B.G., Tsugkieva V.B., Petrukovich A.G. Efficiency of Yeasts Biomass Utilization During Raising of Pharaon Quails

Sharova N.Yu., Princeva A.A., Manzhieva B.S., Vybornova T.V., Musta O.N. The enzyme of hydrolytic action in the technology of reprocessing non-conforming starch-containing raw materials

Shelekhova N.V., Shelekhova T.M., Skvortsova L.I., Poltavskaya N.V. Modern condition and prospects of development of quality control of alcohol products

Shelekhova N.V., Abramova I.M., Shelekhova T.M. Ontology as the basis of digitalization the production of ethanol

Yuraskina T.V., Kurbatova E.I., Pogorzhelskaya N.S., Serba E.M. Biotechnology for obtaining enzyme-modified ingredients from plant materials