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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №10/2008

Results of work of enterprises of food and processing industry in Russia for January – July, 2008

Economics and management

Staff training for branch

Hurshudyan S.A. Role of high schools in professional training for innovative society of Russia

Rogov I.A., Titov E.I. Integration of science and education –guarantee of preparation of highly-skilled personnel

First bell in MGUTU

Maslennikova O. A. Quality of the higher vocational training and its basic components

Ryhlov O. A. The Moscow institute of business and law

Butkovsky V.A. International industrial academy – Center of additional vocational training

Lobanov V.G. Cooking the competitive experts

Mishchenko S.V., Dvoretsky S.I., Muratova E.I., Korenchuk A.A. System approach to organization of training the experts for food and processing industry of region

Golenkov V. А., Zomitova G.M. Staff training for food processing industry

Sinelnikov B.M., Hramtsov A.G., Shipulin V. I, Evdokimov A.I., Postnikov S.I., Borisenko A.A. Innovative personnel, scientific and information supply of priorities in the field of agrarian and industrial complex

Zimichev A.V., Zipaev D.V. Samarasky state technical university –smithy of staff for food enterprises of the Volga region

Chertov E.D., Popov G.V., Plotnikova R. N. Professional training system in the Voronezh technological academy

Popov A.M. Problem and prospect of professional training for food branch of agrarian and industrial complex

Kovalevsky V.P., Korotkov V.G. Depatment of food manufactures of Orenburg state university

Malkov N.G. Preparation of experts for manufacture of dairy production

Problem and prospect of commercial mortgage for small and medium business in Russia

Mezenova O. Ya. Sea biotechnology in Russia: development prospects

Engineering and technology

Ryabikov V. E, Negoitsa A.S. Technological line on processing of soft and fatty fabrics Centriflow.

Compressors Atlas Copco for PET products blowing

Lukashevich O. N. Manufacture of canned food on fruit basis for children.

Raw materials and additives

Collection Del’Ar. Success factors

Suvorov I.V., Shatnyuk L.N. Product of healthy nutrition, enriched with micronutrients.

Tyrsin Yu.A., Ovchinnikova A.S., Sergeeva N.K. Fruit powders for cream fillings.

Fruits BerryFusions of company Ocean Spray – rich spring antioxidants.

Company National Starch Food Innovation offers economically profitable cream like structure.

Fert K. Uaythauz Choice and use of hydrocolloids.

Packaging and logistics

Carton revolution in the packaging market for canned products.

Quality and safety

Ponomareva K.I., Zhuravlev A.A., Voropaeva O. N, Antonova N.A. Definition of complex parameter of bread quality.

Hurshudyan S.A. Falsified foodstuff: classification and definition.

News from R&D institutes and higher educational institutions

News from professional industrial branch unions

News from companies

Events and facts

Developing domestic agricultural engineering.

Brazil wants to become the lardiest supplier of foodstuffs.

What the bags for flour packaging can tell us.

Skill to be a barman.