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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №8/2008

Results of work of enterprises of food processing industry in Russia for January-May 2008

Adequate nutrition. Functional food

About government politics in the field of healthy nutrition

Konovalov K.L., Shulbaeva M.T., Musina O.N. Food substances of animal and vegetable origin for healthy nutrition

Increase of demand for prebiotics in the market of functional nutrition

Burmistrov G.P., Kozlova G.G. New food concentrates of bioprotective action

Makarov V.N., Vlazneva L.N., Mironov A.M., Cherenkova T.A. Pectin containing jelly and vitaminized sauces on the basis of natural fruit and vegetable raw material

Strelkov V.N., Prokopenko I.P., Poverin A.D. Research of properties of functional beverage «BIONAN-A»

Shilov A.I., Taryanskaya N.V. Curds «Metasha»

Shterman S.V., Tuzhilkin V.I., Manerov Yu.V. Eritritol – natural sugar substitute of XXI century

World cranberry tour

BENEO-Orafti strengthen course to fight the fatness

Kuznetsova A.A., Levochkina L.V. Soya okara for composite products

Rodionova N.S., Naumchenko I.S., Zatsepilina N.P. Food cut products for adequate nutrition

Reznichenko I.Yu., Dragunova I.A. Muesli-stick of functional purpose

Shelepov V.G., Kayzer A.A., Kashina G.V. Biologically active additive from pant flour

Filippova L.Yu., Ponomarenko S.F., Buzuyan I.I. Enrichment of standard diets with functional products

HEALTH/LIFE – healthy life-style

Ecologically pure (natural) and safe production

Enfineering and technology

Compressor ZS series – the first opening from «Atlas Kopko» company in Russia in 2008

Project and Ko

Khvorova L.S. Glucose crystallization from syrups of acid and ferment starch hydrolysis

Quality and safety

«Organic product» – lawful definition

Khurshudyan S.A. Falsification of foodstuffs: scientific, methodological and normative principles of counteraction

Packaging and logistics

Logistics of parts – take right direction

Tolkunova N.N., Gavrilenko A.P., Zhuchkov A.A. Packaging design of consumer products

China invites

Raw materials and additives

OOO «Skorlio-Aromat» – 15 years in food ingredients branch

Borisenko E.V., Alekseeva Yu.I., Klimva S.A. Modelling the organoleptic properties of oil and fat products with usage of aromatizers «Skorlio-Aromat»TM

Borisenko E.V., Alekseeva Yu.I., Klimva S.A. Aromatizers «Skorlio-Aromat»TM for functional products

News from companies

News from professional industrial branch unions

News from R&D institutes and higher educational institutions

Events and facts

In details about affairs in Agrarian and Industrial Complex

Prepared dinner from «Avers» company

125 of International Company «Alfa Laval»

Major packaging exhibition in Russia

Getters of walleye pollack sum up results of work

Water forum «EKVATEK-2008»

Press-conference of Hero Group company

Conference «Food and sea biotechnology»