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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №7/2008

Results of work of enterprises of food processing industry of Russia for January – April 2008

Processing of vegetative raw-materials

Konovalov K.L., Shulbaeva M.T. Vegetative food composites for manufacturing of combined products

Alekseenko E.V. Biocatalytic methods of processing of fruit and berry raw materials

Emelyanov A.A., Emelyanov D.A., Shalimova O.A. Dry juice from blackberry

Maraeva O.B. Ukhina E.U. New technology of apple juice receiving

Shishkina N.S., Lezhneva M.L., Karastoyanova O.V., Tagiev N.M. Processing of persimmon for increase of processes of ripening

Dzharullaev D.S., Vagabov M.-Z.V., Rasulov E.M. New method of manufacturing of dessert jelly

Petrova L.D. Soya protein in combined products

Chkhartishvili I.N., Verulidze G.R., Papunidze S.G., Papunidze G.R. Processing of mandarin flowers for vitamin P receiving

Tereshina E.N., Ganina V.I., Bliadze V.G. Usage of grain crops in synbiotic products

Khamitsaeva A.S., Krishtafovich V.I. Application of vegetative raw materials in manufacturing of meat products

Parfenova T.V., Korostileva L.A., Kalenik T.K., Un V.L. New sauces on the basis of fresh horse-radish root

Poverin A.D. Technology of receiving of powder extract of green tea

Bagrationi R.U., Papunidze G.R., Papunidze S.G., Kobakhidze M.A. Artificial honey from chestnut flowers

Economics and management

Automation of distribution of foodstuff as method to increase effectiveness of interaction with network retail

Ostrovskaya T.G. Payment for knowledge and competence

Zavarokhina N.V., Chugunova O.V. Tasting methods of analyze as instrument of marketing in development of new foodstuffs

The associations in agribusiness

Kvass and national beverages producers amalgamate in the Union

Engineering and technology

Regulators of pressure Mankenberg (Germany) for technological processes in food processing industry

Reznichenko I.U., Sidorova O.S. Development of diabetic flour confectionary products

Quality and safety

Imamovich D. Security of manufacturing and finished commodity of the company «Food Products»

Raw materials and additives

Klukina O.N., Ptichkina N.M. Foodstuff polysaccharides for preparation of dessert from apple sambucus

Nutrition and health

Kykharenko A.A., Bogatirev A.N., Korotkiy V.M., Dadashev M.N. Quality of modern foodstuffs and standard of nutritional

News from R&D institutes and higher educational institutions

News from companies

News from professional industrial branch unions

Congratulation upon a jubilee!

Presnyakova O.P. Group of industrial enterprises «Russian starch products» is 10 years!

An interview with Maslov S.I.

Events and facts

Strategy of development for company group «Strategy Growth»

Targets and tasks of the Government Program

Close connection of theory with practice

Meeting of «Club REACH»

Russian-Finnish business forum


Press-conference of Microsoft

Branch office of VDMA in Moscow

Market of finished desserts: tendencies and innovations

Festival of tea and coffee

Results of fifth ISV-forum Oracle

Commodity Researcher-2008

International forum of beekeeper

Healthy nutrition to children!

VIV Europe 2008: from stand to stand

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