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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №6/2008

Results of work of enterprises of food processing industry of Russia for January-March 2008

Packaging and logistics

Hmelevskiy G.K. Tendencies of development of packaging machinery construction in Russia

Packaging on foodstuff market: NIELSEN research.

Kuznecova L.S., Miheeva M.N., Kazakova E.V., Kudyakova G.H. Traditions and innovations in packaging of food stuff

Dracheva L.V. Multi-layer flexible package for food stuff

Kolpakova V.V., Pankratov G.N., Chevokin A.A., Gavrilov A.M., Skobelskaya Z.G., Semenov G.V., Ananev V.V., Kirsh I.A., Lukin N.D., Kostenko V.G., Shulyak V.A., Kirkor M.A., Evdokimov A.V., Sluse-nok A.G. Waste products of food industry of agrarian and industrial complex – perspective material for biodegradable packaging compositions

Fedotova O.B., Myalenko D.M., Troshina A.V. Ultraviolet disinfectant polystyrene package for milk products

Ice tea: recipe from «Tetra Pack»


Meshanov S.L. Membrane nitrogen generators for packing in modified gas atmosphere

Gavrilenko A.P, Tolkunova N.N. Esthetic of consumer package designee

Theme – it’s your world

Lets meal!

Packaging/PackItalia. Interplastic


IX International conference «Food packaging

Package from «GOTEK» – together to success

Equipment for pre-packaging and packaging manufacture

Economics and management

Seregin S.N. Structure policy in Russian food independence problem solving

Toticov E.B. New program of little and big business financing from «Union» bank

Yankovskiy A.M. How to create consumers portrait

Ostrovskaya T.G. Off-center methods to pay a salary

Engineering and technology

Grain as a source of income

Korobko D. World novelty from «Atlas Kopko» – oil-free compressor with dehydrator of adsorptive type built in

Hvorova L.S. Technology of manufacturing of pharmacopoeia and nutrition glucose

Bagration R.U., Pakunidze G.R., Pakunidze S.G., Kobahidze M.A. Artificial honey from chestnut flowers

Quality and safety

Kyshev S.N. Forming of nomenclature of quality indicators of yogurt products

Competition «Made in Saint Petersburg»

Kostenko V.G. Factors that involve on quality of potato starch

Raw materials and additives

Molochnikov V.V., Trubina I.A., Sadovoy V.V., Shlikov S.N. Usage of phyto preparations in recipe compositions of meat products

Nutrition and health

Krilova E.N., Kondratev N.B., Savenkova T.V. Sugar candy caramel with dietary fibers

News from companies

News from professional industrial branch unions

News from R&D institutes and higher educational institutions

Events and facts

VII Moscow international sugar forum


International exposition of food stuff and equipment «traditions of quality»

VII International conference «World of juices-2008»

Russia and VTO: experts take counsel

Petr Stolipin awards are presented

Culinary salon

First International Congress «EurassiaBIo»

Results are gladden

Laboratory for agrarian and industrial complex enterprises