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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №4/2008

Results of work of the enterprises of food processing industry in Russia for January 2008

Food provision security

Kayshev V.G. Foreign trade of food goods. The analysis of structural changes

Methods and means of control

Analytical devices for control of food production

Zelentsov A.T., Scherbakov S.S., Nikolaev И.В., Koroleva O.V. Definition of mass concentration of calcium in winemaking production

Frundzhyan V.G., Ugarova N.N. Fast quality monitoring methods of microbiological cleanliness in food processing industry

Suvorov O.A., Labutina N.V., Karyagina S.V., Pogorelov A.G. Analytical measurement in baking production

Erkebaev M.Zh., Medvedkov E.B., Kulazhanov T.K., Shambulova G.D. Device for testing straining

Dracheva L.V., Korotkova E.I., Dorozhko E. Usage of voltamperometric method at studying bioantioxidants

Pressure sensor: use the services of Schneider Electric!

The dosing equipment at the enterprises of agrarian and industrial complex

Conference on analytical devices

Economics and management

Bobok V.S. Evaluation of investment and financial potential of processing enterprisers of agrarian and industrial complex of Krasnodar region

Kravchenko S.N., Drapkina G.S., Postolova M.A. Formation of consumer behaviour on the market of functional purpose products

Quality and safety

Pestcontrol by research-and-production center «Agrokon»

Raw materials and additives

Place of origin

Hramtsov A.G., Sadovoy V.V., Trubina I.A. Expert system at designing multicomponent foodstuff

Egorova E.Yu., Shkolnikova M.N. Wild-growing raw material for biologically active additive in nutrition

Kutsakova V.E., Muhina O.A., Kremenevskaya M.I. Hydrolyzed pork skin for manufacture of sausage products

Em V.G., Saparbekova A.A. Usage of rice in manufacture of processed cheeses

15 years of partnership

Capital investment of National Starch Food Innovation in construction of the European culinary center

News from companies

News from professional industrial branch unions

News from R&D institutes and higher educational institutions

Congratulation upon a jubilee

Events and facts

For abundance and prosperity of Russia

Exhibition «Prodexpo» is 15 years!

Exhibition World Food Moscow-2008: what’s new?

The Russian-Greek cooperation in the field of agrarian and industrial complex

RSPP has defined priorities of social policy on 2008.

Milan invites

Visit of delegation of Jordan embassy into Ryazan region

CholodExpo Rossiya

Scale and innovation

VDMA for the Russian manufacturers


Fruitful cooperation