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Food processing Industry №2/2008

Results of work of enterprises of food processing industry in Russia for January-November 2007

Baby and school food

Kon’ I.Ya. Actual problems of schoolboy’s nutrition organization

Zolotin A.Yu., Bashkirov O.I., Antipova T.A., Lukin N.D., Koptelova E.K. Powdery mixes for baby and school food

Ovcharova G.P., Abrech M.Yu., Neporozhnyaya E.Yu. Functional products of sublimation drying

Lilishentseva A.N., Safronova D.A., Komarova N.V. Perspective directions of creation of the combined products

Zubova S.V., Kuznetsov V.V., Simonenko S.V. Fluorinated milk for caries treatment

Chumakova I.V., Fateeva N.V., Bleher B.M., Gorin E.A. Cultured milk foods for children of early age

Ustinova A.V., Dervitskaya O.K. New maet product – canned sausages for children

Lugovaya N.P., Seletskiy S.A., Stasilevich N.M., Savina O.V. Semi-finished products of long working life

Lavrinenko N.I., Gapeeva L.A., Safronova D.A. New kinds of the tinned products of functional purpose

Patsyuk L.K., Lukashevich O.N. Purйe-like canned food for nutrition of children

Andreev N.R., Bakulina L.F., Lapidus T.V. Product of baby health food on the basis of starch and starch containing raw material

Oganesyants L.A., Filonova G.L., Oreshchenko A.V., Durnev A.D. Safety – priority in manufacture of nonalcoholic beverages

Dracheva L.V. Conference of baby dieticians

Optimal food

Rogov I.A., Titov E.I., Nefedova N.V., Ganina V.I. Food stuffs with pro-and prebiotic properties

Ustinova A.V., Belyakina N.E., Surina A.I. Functional meat products for preventive maintenance of alimentary conditions

Zhitnikova V.S. Emulsion products of functional purpose on fruit-and-vegetable basis

Kisil N.N., Ter-Sarkisyan E.M. Amino acids – effective food additives

Economics and management

Guluyk N.G. Way of development of starch treacly branch

Mishiev P.Ya. Creation of new marks of cognac production on the basis of structuring of quality function

Novoselov S.V., Mayurnikova L.A. Innovative activity of scientifically-educational complex

Engineering and technology

Dotzenko S.M., Yushchenko B.I., Kodirova G.A., Filonova O.V. Protein-vitamin vegetable salads with soy plantlets

Ahmetzyanov A.M. Reception of juice of wild-growing berries using direct extraction method

Packaging and logistics

Operate an automatic packaging machine? Your rights, please

Gavrilenko A.P., Tolkunova N.N. Process of packaging design-projects creation – achievement of new stage of consumer and aesthetic properties

Raw materials and additives

Silagadze M., Iobidze A., Ardemanashvili T., Kalandia A., Chhartishvili N. Use of fruits and products of palm tree processing in food processing industry

Dzharulaev D.S. Berries of white mulberry for manufacture of «Dessert product»

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