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Rambler's Top100

Food processing Industry №1/2008

Results of work of enterprisers of food processing industry in Russia for January-October 2007

New food stuffs and new producers

Fashionable trends of XXI century – proved by practice.

Innovative beverage – Neo Beauty

«Danokor» – your helpmate for heart care

«Erhmann Prebiotic»: very tasty and healthy

New design of packaging of dessert cottage cheese «Summer day» from company Unimilk

Novelties of meat industry from domestic producers

High quality products – success formula of company Mortadel

Confectioners offer «Premium» sweets

New taste of nut from company Unitron

Teavigo® – true helpmate on the path to health

Ice tea Ahmad

Novelties from company Food stuffs

Taste of life – main ideal feature of group of companies Ledovo

The associations in agribusiness

We cannot lose our chance

Economics and management

Luk’anov V.I. Balance of steady economic development of organizations


Brand promotion or ***

New freeze semi finished items of «Zolotoy Petushok» trade mark

Acquantance with a company

Company Kargill in Russia: history of success

Engineering and technology

Lenen H.-D. System Codos®: continuous preparation of the high-quality dough

Kotova T.I., Khanturgaeva G.I., Kharaev G.I., Shiretorova V.G. Optimal ways of drying of dehydrated sea-buckthorn berries

Ponomarev A.N., Merzlikina A.A., Lukin A.L., Gladneva A.A. Influence of pasteurization process of milk in container on its properties

Akopyan V.B., Davidov E.R., Kowalsky Yu.V. Modern scientifically-experimental complex – a basis of quality of biotechnological processes realization and receptions of production

Quality and safety

Ponomareva O.I. Microbiological aspects of quality of baking yeast

Skurihin I.M., Smirnova E.A., Barketova L.V. Deve-lopment of estimation criteria of touch sensitivity

Packaging and logistics

German pavilion at the exhibition UPAKOVKA-2008 in Moscow

Gavrilenko A.P., Tolkunova N.N. Design of consumer packaging

Raw materials and additives

Kudryasheva А.А., Onokienko E.V., Gusova R.S. Ratio of food components in different sorts of protein raw material

Nutrition and health

Dunchenko N.I., Sushchik V.G., Sulimina S.N. Ice-cream, enriched by food fibers

News from R&D institutes and higher educational institutions

News from professional industrial branch unions

News from companies

Events and facts

New address of factory Red October

Russian and Belarusian research-and-production programs in operation

Development strategy of food processing industry.


Forum «Development of canning industry up to 2010»

Modern baking

Interregional exhibition «Russian butter»

Agrarian elite in Russia


The newest technologies in the field of plastic processing

The biggest exhibitions of packaging technologies invite

Scholl-conference in Moscow State University of Food Production

Grain and bread of Russia

Conference on bioenergy

Trade marks and industrial design