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Rambler's Top100

Confectionary manufacture №4/2016


Saitova M. E., Molchanova E. N., Livinskaya S. A., Dubtsov G. G.Justification and Development of a Cookie Recipe for Anti-Diabetic Diets

P. 6-10 Keyword: antidiabetic diet; glycemic index; buckwheat; diabetes; cookies
Abstract: Diabetes diseases are progressing among Russian people. Nutrition experts regard changing the culture of nutrition as one of the options to limit morbidity. In Moscow region trade network different flour confectionery products for people with diabetes are presented. There are wheat flour products with artificial sweetener instead of sugar. Goods with fructose and sorbitol are also widely spread. Some of presented products contain inulin and stevioside. There are large range of products with oatmeal. A range of cookies made of rye, buckwheat and barley flour is quite narrow. Analysis of the data showed, that flour confectionery segment is not saturated. This fact was the basis for the development of new flour confectionery products for diabetics. Market research results that showed that buckwheat is popular among Russians was the basis for the development of such products. The study was carried out at Moscow State University of Food Production. Formulations pastry products for diabetics developed using buckwheat flour. It has been found that buckwheat flour, in addition to popularity, characterized by a low glycemic index in comparison with wheat flour. Quantitative composition was optimized by examining the influence of ingredients proportion on the quantity and quality of proteins, fat and carbohydrates, their technological properties and consumer characteristics of the product quality. It is shown that the balance between rye and buckwheat flour in ratio 30:70 provides the product the necessary technological and consumer properties. It found that the balance between rye and buckwheat flour in ratio 30:70 provides the product the necessary technological and consumer properties. Adding buckwheat flour instead of wheat flour into cookies allows to decrease the glycemic index from 70-100 to 63-65 and makes it permissible for diabetics.

Magomedov G. O., Lobosova L. A., Magomedov M. G., Barsukova I. G., Reshetneva A. S., Sviridova O. Ya., Zhuravlyov A. A.Zephyr on Fructose Powder of Jerusalem Artichoke

P. 11-14 Keyword: food safety; marshmallow; pectin; girasol powder, fructose
Abstract: Availability, safety and quality of food become the main determinants of health, performance, longevity and quality of life in Russia. Low level of health is connected with nutrition disorder. Search of processing methods and additives from vegetable raw materials which increase food and biological value of food products is an urgent aim for producers. Objective: to determine the possibility of using girasol powder as an enriching additive and fructose as a substitute of sugar in the marshmallow recipe. Researches are made at Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology. Determined carbohydrate composition of girasol powder and its safety record. Experimental samples of pectin marshmallow were prepared with completely replacing sugar with fructose and apple puree in an amount of 15% with the girasol powder (for dry substances). Was established the dependence of quality of whipped masses, gelation and foaming of jelly masses in the development of marshmallow, received on technology - based on the traditional apple puree and developed, from prescription components and process parameters. Was found that replacement of sucrose by fructose lowers the surface tension of the solution and enhance its foaming abilities. Find out how the pH influences on the foaming capacity of the protein-sugar solution. With the introduction of girasol powder foaming capacity is reduced, the maximum of its value - at a pH of 5.3-5.4. Determined the size of the air bubbles and the percentage of a given area and aerated mass prepared using fortifier (girasol powder). With increasing dosage of girasol powder increased the amount of air bubbles with size less than 3 mm. Determined rational gelation regimes in the marshmallow production. Necessary and sufficient strength plastic jelly mass based on fructose and pectin - no less than 30 kPa. The authors believe that a new kind of marshmallows, which are excluded from the formulation of sugar and molasses, will be useful for people suffering from diabetes, as well as everyone who cares about their health.
Authors: Magomedov Gazibeg Omarovich, Doctor of Technical Science
Lobosova Larisa Anatolyevna, Candidate of Technical Science
Barsukova Irina Georgievna, Applicant
Reshetneva Alyona Sergeevna, Student
Sviridova Olga Yakovleva , Student
Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology,
19, Pr. Revolyutsii, Voronezh, 394000, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Zhuravlyov Alexey Alexandrovich, Candidate of Technical Science
Air Force Academy named after N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin,
54A, Starykh Bolshevikov, Voronezh, 394064, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rudakova M. Yu., Nikolaeva Yu. V., Tarasova V. V.Antioxidant Stabilization of Fats for the Production of Oatmeal Cookies

P. 15-17 Keyword: flour confectionery, oatmeal cookies, antioxidants, induction period, green tea extract, tocopherols
Abstract: Today the market offers a large variety of public flour confectionery products. In this very popular food prophylactic. Objective: to develop formulations of flour confectionery products of consistent quality with the use of flour from grain raw materials rich in natural active ingredients. Work performed at the Moscow State University of Food Production. Research methods used traditional laboratory production of flour confectionery products. As a result, the model samples are obtained oatmeal cookies prepared with the flour composite mixture of grain material and the fat phase, with the addition of natural antioxidants with the purpose of stabilizing the fat. We carried out researches of the proving efficiency of use green tea extract and rosemary to increase the shelf life of oatmeal cookies, as well as the enrichment of biologically active substances. The authors believe that the introduction of 0.1% extracts of green tea and rosemary in the oil phase increases the approximate shelf life of the finished product in 2 times.
Authors: Rudakova Mariya Yuryevna, Senior Lecturers
Nikolaeva Yuliya Vladimirovna,
Tarasova Veronika Vladimirovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Moscow State University of Food Production,
11, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alexeenko E. V., Puretsky A. A., Dikareva Yu. M.The New Range of Confectionery Products, Containing Sea Buckthorn Berries

P. 18-20 Keyword: sea buckthorn juice concentrate, pastry, sea buckthorn native components
Abstract: Accents in developing of confectionary branch removed to the production a new assortment of improved nutritive value and antioxidant activity foods on the modification of traditional confectionary products principles of prescription-writing by using fruits, berries and products of its processing that contains complex of valuable native components and functional food ingredients. The object of this investigation is working out of technological decisions for application of sea buckthorn juice concentrate in production a new assortment of improved nutritive value foods such as cakes and pastries. The biocatalytical ways for sea buckthorn raw material processing during the juice production stage with using pectolytic and glucanolytic enzyme preparations have been used. Sea buckthorn juice concentrate has been produced under vacuum at the temperature 50-55 °C. Sugar has been added to sea buckthorn juice in ratio 1:1. Cake and pastry productions have been carried out according to the actual technologies with application of sea buckthorn juice concentrate as independent food ingredient or in composition of cream half-finished product. The traditional principle of prescription-writings of cakes "Pesochniy" with fruit filling (bilberry), "Tvorozhnik" with cherry and pastry "Berlinskoye" have been modified. Application of sea buckthorn juice concentrate in production of cakes" Pesochniy", "Tvorozhnik" and pastry" Berlinskoye" permits to obtain products with nice colour, harmonious sweet and acid taste, delicate aroma; to except citric and ascorbic acids, artificial colouring and aromatic matters and to increase food value of a new assortment of foods due to the complex of native healthy useful sea buckthorncomponents. 100 g worked out foods will be taken internally are covered daily requirement in ?-carotene- on 16-68?%, ascorbic acid - 7.2-27?%, catechins - 4.2-18.5?%.The technological recommendations for a new assortment of confectionary products have been worked out.
Authors: Alexeenko Elena Viktorovna, Doctor of Technical Science
Puretsky Alexandr Alexandrovich, Graduate Student
Moscow State University of Food Production,
11, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Dikareva Yuliya Mikhaylovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Science Center "Low-Tonnage Chemistry",
42, bldg. 1, Krasnobogatyrskaya St., Moscow, 107564, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skobelskaya Z. G., Ermakova A. M., Gins V. K.New Fat Filling for Wafers

P. 21-22 Keyword: amaranth flour, hydrofat, fat toppings, nutritional value, recipe
Abstract: The priority directions of modern nutritional science refers, in particular, prevention of diseases associated with protein deficiency, micronutrients and other essential substances. Objective: expansion of the range of wafers for a healthy diet as a result of the use of domestic and hydrofat full wholegrain amaranth flour "Krepysh". The latter differs from the other varieties of its high content of squalene, protein and micronutrients. The object of study - fat toppings for waffles. The works carried out in the Moscow State University of Food Production. The effect of amaranth flour "Krepysh" on the organoleptic, physical and rheological properties of fat toppings. Use standard research methods: experimental design, the organoleptic, physical and rheological. Organoleptic characteristics determined by the 30-point system; moisture mass fraction (%) drying the sample at 130 ± 2 ° C for 50 min; the consistency of the filling - the instrument EAK-1 (unit of device). It was found that the optimum amount of added amaranth flour - 2.0% of the share of prescription components. It does not feel taste of fat and flour. Physical and rheological parameters of quality toppings compared to the control sample data rates (stuffing fat waffles "Myatnye") changed slightly: the mass fraction of water increases by 1.85 rel. %; consistency index decreased by 0.05 rel. %. Based on the studies developed formulation and manufacturing technology of the new fat toppings. Its nutritional value is calculated: the amount of protein increased compared with that of a control sample by 7.0%, vitamins B, E, PP, etc. - 110%, magnesium - by 25.0%, iron - by 4.0. %. Established filling for wafers - promising their constituents. Technology of production of wafers is not complicated and can be easily implemented into production.
Authors: Skobelskaya Zinaida Grigoryevna, Doctor of Technical Science
Ermakova Alyona Mikhaylovna, Student
Moscow State University of Food Production,
11, Volokolamskoye Shosse, Moscow, 125080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Gins Valentina Karlovna, Doctor of Biological Science
Research Institute of Breeding and Seed Vegetable Crops,
14, Selektsionnaya St., NIISSOK, Odintsovsky Area, Moscow Region, 143080, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nikiforova T. A., Khon I. A.Non-Traditional Raw Material for Enrichment Long Cookies

P. 23-25 Keyword: buckwheat husking bran, long biscuit, cereal production, secondary raw products
Abstract: The main task is to create fortified foods containing a significant amount of essential macro - and micronutrients in order to improve public health and to prevent diseases. Its solution is possible due to the increased use of secondary raw materials of grain production which is rich in biologically active substances. From this perspective, a promising source for the enrichment of flour confectionery products may be by-products of cereals processing, including buckwheat. The study on the use of buckwheat husking bran, buckwheat by-product in the production of long cookies was carried out in the Orenburg State University. We used conventional and special methods of investigation according to the properties of raw materials and finished products. The chemical composition of buckwheat husking bran is presented. To determine the protein content we use the Kjeldahl method and the Duma method, for lipids - the Soxhlet method, was used for fiber - the method of Kyushnera and Ganeka, for B vitamins -fluorometric method. Fatty acid composition of lipids was studied by gas-liquid chromatography. Thus buckwheat husking bran contains significant amounts of protein (30.5?%), B vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, sterols. The dosage of buckwheat husking bran, used instead of wheat flour instead was varied in the range from 10?% to 50?%. Comprehensively evaluating the organoleptical and physico-chemical indicators of biscuits quality, the authors found that the optimum dosage of buckwheat husking bran used to replace wheat flour is 20?%. The enrichment of long cookies by buckwheat husking bran in the amount of 20?% leads to the protein content increase significantly.
Authors: Nikiforova Tamara Alexeevna, Doctor of Technical Science
Khon Irina Alexandrovna, Graduate Student
Orenburg State University,
13, Pobedy Pr., Orenburg, 460018, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Skokan L. E., Ragalyova E. Yu., Ermoshina S. V.Substantiation of Necessity of Marking Flour Confectionery on Sulfur Dioxide Content

P. 26-27 Keyword: sulfur dioxide, labelling, bakery confectionery products, raw, Technical regulations of the Customs union
Abstract: In the manufacture of bakery confectionery products using raw materials of the following types: flour, sugar, fats, starch, glucose syrup, egg melange, fruit raw materials, which may contain sulfur dioxide. The purpose of the work conducted at the research Institute of confectionery industry (Moscow), - substantion of the need for the labelling of bakery confectionery products in their content of sulfur dioxide. Studies have shown its presence in biscuits of various kinds. In the absence of proper input control of raw materials, it is impossible to exclude the presence of sulfur dioxide in pastry products. It is therefore necessary to specify its number in the labeling of the products.
Authors: Skokan Lyudmila Evgenyevna, Doctor of Technical Science
Ragalyova Ekaterina Yuryevna, Junior Researcher
Ermoshina Sofya Valeryevna, Engeneer
Research Institute of Confectionary Industry,
20, bldg. 3, Elektrozavodskaya St., Moscow, 107023, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Egorova M. I., Shirokikh E. V., Kretova Ya. A.Results of the Monitoring of Sulfur Dioxide Content in Sugar

P. 28-30 Keyword: sulfur dioxide determining methods, monitoring, beet sugar, sugar from raw cane sugar
Abstract: Modern development trends in Russian confectionery industry include the necessity for control under a new security parameter, that is sulfur dioxide content. Basing on the volume of sugar consumption as a raw ingredient, it is shown that its contribution to sulfur dioxide content in confectionery products is significant. Objective: To monitor the actual sulfur dioxide content in sugar produced by Russian sugar factories. This task was performed by the Russian Sugar Industry Research Institute (Kursk). It was shown that the sources of sulfur dioxide in sugar are special sulfitation processes as well as various technological means, i.e. sugar technology stipulates a variety of ways for sulfur dioxide to enter the sugar. Sulfur dioxide determining methods in international and Russian practice have been researched. The results of the tests comparing these techniques and indicating the reliability of the results obtained according to the Russian method are produced. The method known as iodometry and used as the basis for the Russian methodology of determining sulfur dioxide total content by preliminary transition of the bound form into a free one by introducing sodium hydroxide solution into the sample, is described. Sulfur dioxide content in sugar produced by domestic sugar refineries in 2014/2015 depending on its assortment type and origin, is researched in detail. It is noted that sulfur dioxide content does not exceed regulatory requirements. Possible causes for different sulfur dioxide content and the following tendencies are described: sulfur dioxide content is lower in high quality sugar; sugar produced from cane sugar shows a lower sulfur dioxide content; sugar beet technological qualities affect the level of this micronutrient in sugar.
Authors: Egorova Marina Ivanovna, Candidate of Technical Science
Shirokikh Elena Vladimirovna, Candidate of Agricultural Science
Kretova Yana Alexandrovna, Junior Researcher
Russian Research Institute of Sugar Industry,
63, Karla Marksa St., Kursk., 305029, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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